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Moving to New York Hassle-Free with NYC Movers

We all know how moving can be miserable, and moving to New York City can be worse. New York City is one of the largest cities in the country.

Moving to New York Hassle-Free with NYC Movers

With more than 8 million people in the area, it can captivate and exasperate you with a smile and a middle finger. Cramming your life into several boxes and navigating through the congested streets of New York City can be a struggle.

Relocating to New York City isn’t easy, which is why you’ll need NYC Movers. After all, you want your experience to be memorable and less painful.

NYC Movers: Is moving to New York City a good idea?

Despite being the city that never sleeps, the pandemic has negatively affected New York City. In March 2020, it became the epicenter of America’s coronavirus outbreak.

The city authorities set up GetFoodNYC, a food delivery program to help food-insecure and vulnerable people. The government also ordered to shut down the schools in the city.

The pandemic isn’t over yet, but there are already noticeable changes in New York City. From restaurant dining to the residential and commercial estate to entertainment – everything. In the first months after the lockdown started, hundreds and thousands of families flocked out of the city.

We’re not expecting many of them to return anytime soon, but the others are coming back. Along with them are new people who are searching for new opportunities in the big apple.

Even after the pandemic, New York is still one of the most expensive cities in the US. Living in the city is priceless, and when you make it there, you’ll get enormous rewards.

Four Reasons why you should move to New York City

  1. The prices in NYC are down.
  2. Rents are inexpensive.
  3. NYC is still vibrant.
  4. New York City is reinventing itself.

If you watched the news about the condition of New York City in 2020, you’d probably have heard about those who left the city. But even if people are leaving now more than ever, it will take a while to affect the housing market.

Think of it this way, while more people go, more people come in. And now is the perfect time to move (to buy or rent a property) to New York City.

Top Neighborhoods to consider with NYC movers

If you’re planning to move to New York City, you need to select which neighborhood you want to move in. Whether you’re looking for nyc rooms for rent or a 4-bed house to buy, you don’t want to end up in a dangerous area.

To help you, here are the top neighborhoods you should consider in each area:

  • Brooklyn – Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Dumbo, Fort Greene, Park Slope, Williamsburg
  • Bronx – Belmont, Jerome Park, Matt Haven, Norwood, Riverdale, South Bronx, Spuyten Duyvil
  • Manhattan – Central Harlem, East Village, Greenwich Village, Hudson Heights, Lower East Side, Times Square, Upper East Side, Yorkville
  • Queens – Astoria, Flushing, Long Island City, Ridgewood, Rockaway Beach
  • Staten Island – Lighthouse Hill, Midland Beach, New Brighton, St. George, Todt Hill, West Brighton

Once you’ve chosen the neighborhood you want to move into, then you’re ready for the next step – moving.

Making your moving experience hassle-free with NYC movers

It’s almost impossible for moving and hassle-free to be in one sentence together. If you aren’t from New York, you’ll face some challenges, including tight spaces, parking, and other headaches associated with moving. It’s best to look for NYC movers to help you. After all, prepared movers are the best movers.

According to NYC movers, the biggest problem with moving to New York City is when people don’t know a thing about the city. It can cost you money and time – which tend to be in short supply, especially on your moving day.

Common problems to avoid when moving to New York City

Bringing a big truck into New York City

You cannot bring an 18-wheeler truck in New York City. If you do, then get ready to pay for a shuttle fee.

Failing to inform the moving company about certain policies

Apartment buildings and condos have different rules about moving – when people can move in, how to protect things, which elevators to use, and more. You must inform your moving company about these policies before the moving day.

Not anticipating tight stairways and narrow hallways

Only the best moving company can make your experience hassle-free. If you’re moving to an apartment, then you should know how hard it is to move dressers and couches in staircases and hallways.

You need to ensure that the movers have enough experience to navigate these challenging spaces.

Not having certification and insurance

Different states have different requirements. Some may not regulate moving companies the same way New York City does.

And if you’re moving to Manhattan, there’s a policy that requires proof of insurance from NYC movers before performing any work in the building.

What other problems can you encounter on moving day?

Multiple moves taking place

Two or more moves can happen any time of the year, especially during early summer and spring. You might have multiple moves on the same block, or worse, in the same building.

It could affect the time it takes to move all your things. When working with NYC movers, make sure they know how to handle this kind of dilemma.

Parking problems

Parking is one of the biggest problems during the moving process. Therefore, you need to inform NYC movers that they might not be able to unload the items right away. They might also get a ticket or two for blocking a small street.

Prepare to pay for the fees associated with these tickets. Take care of the other charges you might incur because of the parking issues.

Stolen items

In high-traffic areas, you might not be able to protect all your things during the process. Even during the pandemic, there will always be people in the building and on the street.

The movers should help you protect your items from being stolen. After all, the more people in the area, the higher the chances you’ll lose something.

And if there are multiple moves in the building, it can get very confusing to keep track of all your things.


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