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Office Talk – 5 Tips to Getting Your New Office Up and Running

Whether you’re starting out in the professional world or you’re moving offices, you will soon realize there are plenty of boxes you need to tick to create the perfect office space. It needs to be both functional for your needs and those of your customers, but it also needs to be safe, secure, and comfortable as well. Here are five tips for getting your new office up and running:

1- Invest in a Security System

While you might think that business security systems aren’t necessary because offices aren’t typically the target of robberies, think again. A security system for your business can provide more than just safety. You can benefit from peace of mind of knowing that you can monitor it while you’re not there, as well as being able to control who enters your business.

What’s more, you may find that pin code locks and cameras can offer a new sense of confidence if you or your staff often work alone in your office at night.

2- Create a Customer Area

Even though your office space is a place in which you can carry out your daily tasks, it should also be a place of comfort for guests. Therefore, it’s crucial to include a customer area in your office plans. Never underestimate the warmth and welcoming vibes offered by a sofa and a coffee machine. Given the hours you’ll be spending in the office, you may find these creature comforts are convenient for your needs too.

3- Invest in Daily Task Software

If you’re setting up an office for the first time, much of your time would have been spent looking for suitable premises and packing up possessions. However, to get your office open for business quicker, you also need to take the time to consider software.

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To perform your daily tasks with more efficiency, you need to invest in high-quality software to help your days run far smoother. Accounting software, a quality CRM, and project management software can all help to save time that could be better spent talking with customers and drumming up new business.

4- Purchase Quality Office Furniture

Kitting out your new office can be exciting. You get to choose color schemes, select new office furniture, and turn a blank canvas into a functional workspace. However, while you’re trying to find furniture to match your new theme, you may also like to pay attention to the quality and ergonomics.

Finding quality furniture should not always be a costly affair, as you can look out for businesses having office clearance.

Even if a particular color or style of office chair works perfectly with other furniture, if it doesn’t suit your ergonomic requirements, it’s best to keep looking. Your spinal health is critical, so choosing chairs that help to alleviate pain and discomfort when you spend all day sitting is a must.

5- Build Relationships

If you’re starting up a new venture, your address book is bound to be empty. You won’t have made very many supplier, client or partner connections. However, the sooner you establish these relationships, the better. Where possible, try to develop a line of credit with office supply companies and any other businesses with which you will have regular orders. By doing so, you may benefit from discounts and a more seamless purchasing process.

Getting your new office up and running can take a great deal of time, but the steps you follow can help to make the entire process go smoothly. Plan ahead, think about your security and customer convenience and benefit from an office that’s ready to help you springboard your way to success.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.