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3 Dos and Don’ts Of Office Wall graphics Design

The office space might be adequate as far as space and even lighting go, but that does not make it an interesting place to visit or work in.

Why not ramp up employee creativity and their mood with the correct graphics on those plain, boring walls.

3 Dos and Don’ts of Office Wall Graphics Design

Choosing the right wall graphics can help employees produce more and be happier. A graphic can be as simple as a few color blocks, an artistic rendering of the company logo, or a great photo of the cityscape enlarged.

Wall Graphics Add so Much

Wall and Window Graphics can add brand recognition and also design interest to a space that is just four plain walls or a few plain walls with white or neutral paint.

Uninspiring walls are just that. Uninspiring. Plain walls can seem to be confined to employees working there all day. A room can look too small or too large. But define a few walls with exciting graphics and the space comes alive and is more livable.

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Graphics can be painted blocks of color or stencils of words or company logos.

They can also be custom made wallpapers, design transfers, or vinyl sheets that are pressed on the wall and can be easily removed to change messages. Wall graphics can be an enlargement of a city scene or landscape printed as a mural.

When office workers can look up from their work and rest their eyes on a great scene or letter graphic, it helps office productivity.

Choosing the Right Graphics

The important task of choosing office wall graphics can be made easier by following these handy tips from decorating experts.

1. Think about the first impressions people entering the office space will have.

The graphic should paint a positive impression of the business and the people who work there. The best wall graphics should be placed on the first wall people see when they enter the room or building. The graphic artwork should fit the company style and create a welcoming feeling for the viewer.

2. The colors used in the wall graphics should relate to the room decor or the company logo colors.

The colors should be attention-getting, yet comfortable and welcoming.

3. The wall graphics can include a mixture of media.

There can be large framed posters on one wall and a simple painted graphic of related colors in blocks or other shapes on another wall. A favorite photo of landscape or cityscape can be blown up into a mural that covers a whole wall and brings the outdoors in. The company name, logo, or company motto can be blown up into a large word graphic.

4. Quality graphic art does not have to be expensive.

Instead of purchasing original paintings by famous artists, the artwork can be purchased locally by an up-and-coming artist whose work sells for much less. The famous artists’ paintings can be bought as framed prints or reproductions for much less. Posters can be framed on a wall and changed periodically using the same frames.

Graphics can be designed in simple shapes that can be easily painted on the wall. Graphics can be printed on plastic that can be applied to the wall and easily removed and replaced. Stick-on graphics can be custom designed and printed by printing companies or they can be found as stock designs.

Are Wall Graphics a Good Investment?

When considering if it is worth the expense to add wall graphics, the answer should be yes, it is well worth the expense. The cost does not have to be high, and the improved look of the office will inspire workers to be more productive.


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