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OJOO; the Easiest Way to Transform Content into Interactive Mobile Applications

Smartphones have not only changed the way we communicate, but have also altered the way we think. The impact that these do-all-devices have brought on our lives is huge. And so, it has become an essential for just any industry to comply with smart devices either in the form of an app or a game.

Creating smartphone apps on the other hand is not easy for all industries as it involves lot of technical understanding, hiring skilled developers and monetary costs. Creative industries, marketing companies, educational setups and tourism related businesses are the most common industries that need smartphone apps, but most of them cannot afford developing one for any of the above reasons.

This is where OJOO comes and solves all those problems at once. It’s the easiest way to play and create mobile experiences at every location, i.e. guided tours, audio guides, treasure hunts, city games, museum tours, indoor games, quizzes, presentations, virtual company visit and much more.

ojoo main image 1

All you need to have is a smart (Android or iOS) device; install the OJOO app and create and publish your OJOOs in the OJOO Design Studio. Working is so simple; login to the app, see the games and tours closest to you, be navigated to all locations!

So, let your users explore, listen, see and discover all what matters to them! Whether you want to create an interactive game, a guide, app, map or campaign in the app stores, OJOO has all the solutions.

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Event companies can make conferences, festivals and other events more engaging with innovative mobile apps and maps.

Tourism related businesses can gamify the tourist attraction with memorable digital adventures. And educational setups and parents can make learning more entertaining with quizzes, puzzles and more options.

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Gamify the world, attract more of potential users to your business and grow it faster with OJOO solutions!

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OJOO in Their Own Words:

OJOO is a platform for gamification & digital storytelling that solves the problem for tourism, education & creative industries who have great ideas, but n technical knowledge or budgets to create engaging mobile experiences (apps).

That’s why we created OJOO as an All-in-1 solution with:

– Web studio to create & publish

– An Application to experience

– And a marketplace to sell the content

What Brings OJOO to the Spotlight:

It’s interactive, innovative and a cost effective solution for businesses looking to grow faster with a mobile marketing strategy!

OJOO Website:

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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