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Online Dating Scams: How to Spot a Female Dating Site Scam Artist

Though loneliness is not a crime, many well-intentioned single men are punished daily by attractive single women who prey upon their desires for companionship. So they find different ways of talking to a stranger via video call or chats. While dating girls online, single men must become equipped with the tools and knowledge to defend themselves against the beautiful predators who lurk on most free dating sites.

Meet the Quintessential Dating Site Bride

Though she is likely known by a hundred other names, Raven Riley is an adult video icon, who is also a victim in the proliferation of online dating scams. Raven’s image has been utilized to commit numerous frauds in various email, instant messenger, and dating site scams, involving hundreds of unsuspecting men in Europe and the USA.

Ghanaian scam artists utilize Raven’s striking image, along with a shrewd array of pre-written, highly-targeted letters, to quickly entice men into a dating, love, or marriage relationship that ultimately escalates into a desperate plea for money.

What Are the Initial Warning Signs of a Dating Site Scam?

Men should learn to recognize the blatant, telltale clues to the standard female scam artist’s fascinating scheme.

  1. The photograph is usually a professional, high-quality image that more than likely has been stolen from an online magazine, modeling agency, or porn site. In most cases, the scam artist only places one intriguing image in her profile, with the promise of providing more to that special man.
  2. The profile itself is generally brief but insures the reader that the lady only wishes to communicate with honest, trustworthy men. She has no children, nor will she ever appear to be too well-educated, and she is always willing to relocate for the right man.
  3. The first-contact email demonstrates how strongly she is attracted to her victim’s interesting profile and expresses a frantic need to know him better. She will usually offer her Hotmail or Yahoo email address to lure the victim away from the dating site as soon as possible.
  4. She will send the victim approximately 4 new photographs via his private email address. These photographs will intentionally be far more provocative than her profile image, and serve to both further validate her identity, and seduce the victim into wanting to see more.
  5. After a brief encounter, the victim will learn about her tragic past where one or both of her parents were killed, hospitalized, or just plain abandoned her. She may be stuck in a foreign country like Ghana, living in a hotel that she can no longer afford because she was robbed and badly beaten, and her new man is the only one in the world who can help her.

The Dating Site Bride Usually Gets Her Man

Female scam artists are very selective and know the right buttons to push to lure men into quickly-conceived plots to fleece them out of hundreds of dollars. For a young man confined to a wheelchair, an older reclusive gentleman with no close friends or family, or even a successful executive who is always on the go, finding such an alluring bride online is a Godsend, and he will pay any reasonable price to keep her.

The scam artist will politely ask for money for an airline ticket to visit her man; a small amount of cash for food or medicine; enough money for a cell phone to call him, or cash for a webcam so he can see more of her. The “scammer” may say that without the money from her “man,” she will be forced to sell her computer, and not be able to communicate with him anymore. When successful, she is never satisfied and will drain the victim dry before moving on to her next target.

How Can Female Dating Site “Scammers” Be Stopped?

It is believed that many of these female dating site scam artists are not women at all, but men who use female photographs as avatars to accomplish their online dating schemes. However, some actions can be taken to guard against becoming a victim.

Decline all invitations to chat or write emails outside the built-in protection of the cyber dating site. Most dating sites provide chat and email to allow members to communicate safely, without revealing personal information. There are also hierarchies within the site that prevent “free dating” members from initiating actions, other than limited winks and kisses. Always avoid anyone who asks for money.

Make sure to sign up for safe and well-regarded dating apps that have a strong verification process and robust security measures in place. These apps often screen profiles more effectively, reducing the chances of encountering fraudulent accounts. Online For Love has compiled a plus size dating apps list which can help you find a platform that prioritizes safety and authenticity while providing a space to connect with like-minded individuals.

A Word to the Wise

Female dating site scam artists flourish because they tend to blindside a man who is lonely and therefore vulnerable. They continue to succeed with online dating scams because the average single guy is unaware of a potential bride’s ulterior motives until it is too late. However, paying strict attention to the early warning signs of an eminent dating site scam can put any man in charge of his fate, while dating online.

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