Startup Events and Conferences
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19 Inspiring Online Events and Conferences For Startups in 2023

Online Events For Startups in 2023

Do you have a startup? Are you planning or starting your own soon?

Or are you just looking around, considering prospects?

You’ve come to the right place. We’ve looked through the top online startups and have compiled a list of the best startup events for you to kick off your venture.

Covid-19 has led to a large amount of volatility, many businesses ceased operation. On the other hand, many new ones opened doors for the first time. Whether you’re the head of one of the many new startups, or you’re looking to make your entry. We’ve got you covered.

Startup Events and Conferences

But Covid-19 has posed a new challenge. Community events cannot take place. How will the needs of startups be met then? The answer is that a top-order online startup community has taken form. Our list exclusively covers startup events online from said community.

Let’s dive into the list of global startup events for you to take part in. Regardless of location and government mandate.

Building Business Resilience: Beyond COVID-19

  • Date: 30th April 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • Sectors: Business, Startups, Entrepreneurship
  • Description: If you’re looking to distinguish yourself as the owner of one of the top online startups; Attendance of a session or three is a must. Here, essential issues about entrepreneurship are discussed. This event is a goldmine for finding solutions to problems, mirroring successes, and taking full advantage of emerging markets.
  • Website

Startup Mums Online

  • Date: 7th May 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • Sectors: Women Entrepreneurs, Startups, Entrepreneurship, Business
  • Description: A recurring monthly event, Startup Mums Online, is held by a group of women entrepreneurs. They occupy front row seats as successful businesswomen without compromising as mothers. If you’re a mother and want to break into the field, this is among the best startup events to attend.
  • Website

88th SICTIC Investor Day Online

  • Date: 18th May 2021
  • Cost: CHF 80
  • Sectors: Swiss Startups, Entrepreneurship, Pitching Event, Startups, Investing
  • Description: A critical investor and entrepreneur networking event. This investor day will feature 8 Swiss technology-based startups which will present their business pitch to the SICTIC prospective investors. The SICTIC investors will also share their reasoning for what they chose to invest in. This will give startup founders valuable information on what investors are looking to find and what is lacking.
  • Website

Investors & Entrepreneurs: Top Funding Challenges & Profitable Opportunities

  • Date: 19th May 2021
  • Cost: $0-$10
  • Sectors: Investment, Entrepreneurship, Funding, Startups
  • Description: An event focused on being an investor and entrepreneur networking event. The event also focuses on fast-growing startups and companies, venture capital, investors, and family offices. Additionally, the event provides an opportunity for startups to discuss profitable options with investors.
  • Website

Virtual Startup Lean Coffee

  • Date: 3rd June 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • Sectors: Business Development, Startups, Entrepreneurship
  • Description: Virtual Startup Lean Coffee is a recurring monthly event. This event has a lighter and more fun atmosphere while remaining productive. In addition, it is an opportunity to participate in discussions about business development and startup topics with a focus on lean product development.
  • Website

Startup Info Session

  • Date: 23rd June 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • Sectors: Entrepreneurship, Starting up, Business development
  • Description: If you’re entirely new to all this stuff and have nothing in hand but a good idea, this is the place to be. Startup Info Session is essential for newcomers. As it gives a complete checklist of things they have to prepare to get their startup out there.
  • Website

Entrepreneurs Without Borders Meet Up 2021

  • Date: 24th June 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • Sectors: Entrepreneurship, Startups, Business development
  • Description: Founded in 2017, EWB has monthly meetups where founders and owners stay updated with new trends, challenges, products, and innovations to find solutions.
  • Website

Webinar: Impact of VC & Business Angel Investment In Our Industry And Society

  • Date: 2nd July 2021
  • Cost: 0-35.09 Euros
  • Sectors: Venture Capital, Business Development, Investment, Startups
  • Description: This is a valuable upcoming online event that serves as an opportunity for Venture Capital Firms, angel investors, and startups alike. The event will enable them to understand better the decision-making behind investment and the future direction of coming investments.
  • Website

Online Networking For Freelancers, Startups, and Digital Nomads

  • Date: 6th July 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • Sectors: Networking, Freelancing, Digital Marketing
  • Description: This event is more of a series of events aimed at virtual networking aimed at startups, freelancers, digital nomads, marketers, and small businesses to discuss business trends, help each other out and become better integrated into the online startup community.
  • Website

Women Tech Entrepreneurs Series

  • Date: 17th August 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • Sectors: Women Entrepreneurs, Tech Startups
  • Description: Another recurring monthly event in the form of a series, Women Tech Entrepreneurs, is a women in business focused event with an emphasis on tech. This event features success stories from women with tech startups.
  • Website

Workshop Digital Tools For Startups

  • Date: 18th August 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • Sectors: Business Development, Website Development, Startups, Online Store, Customer Relationship Management
  • Description: A resourceful event for new online startups, Workshop Digital Tools For Startups provides an opportunity for startups to get to know about the most commonly used digital tools by startups. This event will also focus on the challenges faced and how to overcome them.
  • Website

SaaS North

  • Date: 17th November 2021
  • Cost: $200
  • Sectors: Entrepreneurship, SaaS Startups
  • Description: Among the best startup events in Canada, SaaS North offers a fantastic opportunity to get feedback from qualified professionals.
  • Website

Kettering Business Networking

  • Date: 8th September 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • Sectors: Business Development, Startups, Networking
  • Description: Kettering Business Networking provides a great networking opportunity for startup founders. It is an event packed with investors from across the globe, business, industry professionals, and startups to forge the right connections with,
  • Website

Pitch For Investments- Online

  • Date: 28th October 2021
  • Cost: 60 Pounds for Business Pitching, Free if attending as Audience.
  • Sectors: Entrepreneurship, Pitching, Investment, and Funding
  • Description: This is an excellent opportunity for newer, earlier-stage startups. This event allows them to either pitch for investments and get started or is an opportunity to gain valuable experience and feedback for their business pitch. Furthermore, this presents an opportunity for them to understand better what investors are looking to find.
  • Website

21st October MPWR Networking

  • Date: 21st October 2021
  • Cost: 37 Pounds
  • Sectors: Business Development, startup networking events, Pitching, Entrepreneurship
  • Description: Another lighthearted, fun-oriented event, this is a social networking event that very much defies tradition in the field. Startup founders, industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors alike introduce themselves and network without a dress code at this event.
  • Website

Meet The Change Makers

  • Date: 26th November 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • Sectors: Innovation, SaaS Startups, Startups
  • Description: A series of online webinars, Meet The Change Makers, invites successful entrepreneurs for each session, who share their genius, which brought about recent environmental and social innovation. This event provides startup founders an opportunity to review what makes the best successful and integrate their strategies into their startups.
  • Website

Startup Of The Year 2021

  • Date: 15th-17th November 2021
  • Cost: Free
  • Sectors: Entrepreneurship, Startups
  • Description: Startup Of The Year is an excellent opportunity to win prizes and garner investment if your bid is successful. But even if it is not, it allows you to learn from the best and gain constructive feedback on what you’re doing right and what needs innovation.
  • Website

Women Business Virtual Awards

  • Date: 2nd December 2021
  • Cost: $25-$950
  • Sectors: Startups, Women Entrepreneurship
  • Description: A recognition ceremony held to honor brave women entrepreneurs, Women Business Virtual Awards, is an excellent opportunity for women entrepreneurs. It provides a multitude of networking opportunities with other prospective and accomplished women entrepreneurs. Furthermore, accomplished CEO Angela De Souza will be hosting a webinar.
  • Website

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