Organic Food Trading; Bringing a Healthy Food Option in Dubai

9 to 5 or may be 9 to 9 work life with most of tasks that do not need much of physical activity and most of your time spent in artificially controlled temperature without natural fresh air…. Yes, that’s how it is in Dubai, and so having a healthy diet is a must! Today’s Startup in Spotlight is one such business which is making this difference by offering all organic food here.

Organic Food Trading is though not something new in the world of business, but is a healthy business concept for UAE market. The most interesting fact about the business is that it is ideated, developed and is being run by a mum who is equally devoted to raise three kids! Bravo!

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Organic Food Trading’s Owners’ Words:
I am an American raised citizen. I graduated with Pharm D from a leading Pharmacy University in New York, and I am a clinical Pharmacist by profession. I have over 20 years of experience in the profession, but I decided to go for a childhood dream of helping others, especially people with cancer and children stricken with the disease. I knew there was a step before Chemotherapy and chemical cancer treatment. Therefore, I chose Organic Farming as a career. It has been a fulfilling and satisfying venture ever since. Bringing my healthcare background and Organic food has proved to be my way of helping others.

What’s Special About Organic Food Trading:
What can be more inspirational than passion of a health professional to make her childhood dream of helping others come true. And, she’s doing so along with being a dedicated mum!

Organic Food Trading Website:

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