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7 Outdoor Exhibition Ideas

The best way to attract attendees to your stand is with a stunning outdoor exhibition. The key is to catch the eye.

7 Outdoor Exhibition Ideas

In fact, nearly half of the exhibitors polled cited an eye-catching stand as the number one tool to attract attention.

But what exactly qualifies as eye-catching? Read on to discover ideas to make your outdoor exhibition area the most attractive ever seen.

Reasons to Exhibit

In this digital age, many question the merit of participating in exhibitions. After all, most of our marketing seems to be done online these days.

In the high-speed world of online advertising, images flash before consumers in the blink of an eye. Social media influencers are often selling the next trendy item. But people are wary of trusting some online campaigns.

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In fact, a recent survey concluded that up to 96 percent of people don’t trust influencers or what they say.

While the net is not to be discounted, it can be over-saturated. This is where trade shows and exhibitions are your friends.

And it would be a mistake not to use every tool at your disposal. Still unsure? Consider the following reasons to employ an outdoor exhibition booth to promote your business.

Brand Awareness

You want to get your name and logo out there and noticed. This is where an incredible outdoor exhibition design comes in.

Your display should attract attention while your company name and logo sit front and center.

Think of Batman’s bat signal. With your brand drawing in prospects.

Once attendees reach your stand, it’s time to wow them. The best way to do this is with a dazzling persona who knows the business in and out.

It’s best to have several personable representatives on hand.

Human Interaction

Studies show that the average human has an attention span of only about eight seconds. In the time it takes someone to swipe to the next screen, you’ve lost them.

But eye contact and the face-to-face conversation never go out of style. This is especially true now when we are bombarded with numerous emails and texts every day.

Having a name and face to put to your business is comforting for prospective customers. This cements the feelings of trust vital to a successful business relationship.

Holding an outdoor exhibition for business draws interest from those with a desire to connect.

It’s essential to make a stellar first impression. And to stand out from the rest of the exhibits. How can you get ahead of the competition?

Check Out Competitors

A large part of having a stand at an exhibition is scoping out the competition. This is the one place you can be on an even playing field with the larger companies. Make it count.

Walk over to the other displays. See what they are showing. Listen to what they are saying.

Exhibitions are the place for businesses to show their best or launch their newest.

So, check on what the best and brightest are showing off. By attending exhibitions, you’ll get a front-row seat to the top industry trends. Take note.

First-hand Feedback

Honest opinions from your target audience are invaluable. And often hard to get. But when you draw attendees to your outdoor exhibition stands, you have a unique opportunity.

Talk with your audience. But more importantly, listen to them.

What are they looking for? Ask so you can provide it.

What are they tired of? Find out so you can avoid it.

What do they wish was out there? Discover it so you can make it happen.

When presented with what your business has to offer, pay attention to how they respond. If they turn away, at what point did you lose them?

Face-to-face market research can be priceless.

Lucrative Leads

According to Exhibition Survey, Inc, over 82 percent of exhibition attendees have the authority to purchase. This means they can and will make deals on the day.

This gives you the ideal opportunity to sell directly to interested parties. Further, you can connect with potential suppliers and vendors.

Come ready to bargain. And check out the displays of companies you might do business with. Have a chat with them.

You are doing more than putting your brand out there. You are making connections. And you could be making sales.

But you’ve got to get them to your display first. How best to do that?


Your first goal is to get noticed. Get the attention of every single person that walks into that exhibition.

Have a display so memorable that attendees suggest it as the meeting place should they get separated in the crowd.

And make sure they remember who you are.

Branding Bomb

You don’t want them talking about “that cool booth over there.” You want them to know who is responsible for that cool booth.

Your name and logo should be all over the place. Big. Loud. Unmistakeably yours.

Then attendees will meet up by “that amazing (your company) booth”.

Even if they hadn’t heard of you before the exhibition, you want them talking about you on the ride home. In the office the next morning.


Since you’ll be networking, it’s a good idea to have a seating area, if possible. A few chairs and tables will make the world of difference.

Remember to take weather into consideration. Have a canopy to shield from the blazing sun or potential rain showers. A tent can protect from wind and rain as well as provide shelter from a chill.

Exhibition attendees are on their feet all day. They will walk from one display to the next and talk to countless vendors. You want to grab their attention. And then keep it.

Show prospective clients or customers that they are important to you. Make eye contact. Listen to what they have to say. And do this while seated in a relaxed setting.

Offer them a seat and perhaps a small snack, coffee, or bottle of water. Maybe even offer phone charging stations.

Showcase your customer service and interpersonal skills while you have an interested audience. Share the materials on display or any products for demonstration.

Ensure other representatives from your company are present while you are busy. You don’t want anyone turning away and going to a competitor’s display because you look engaged.

But you also don’t want to keep anyone too long. Make the connection. Gain lasting interest. Obtain contact information. And let them move on.

Your attention to detail and consideration won’t go unmissed.

Outstanding Outdoor Exhibition

Stand out from the rest. But how? You’ve already ensured your brand is noticeable. Attendees know who you are.

But what makes you interesting?

Designing for outdoor exhibition stands can be tricky. Certain elements aren’t as dazzling outside as they are inside a convention center.

So, leave them at home. Take advantage of the open space and the fresh air. Use the environment to your advantage and get creative.


Depending on what industry your company serves, consider an interactive booth. Create an experience that attendees won’t soon forget.

You can rent a hot air balloon for short rides. Think of the possibilities!

You could perform the perfect sales pitch with a captive audience. Everyone at the event will be looking at your balloon.

Too big?

Consider renting a couple of ATVs and setting up a course for attendees. Keep score of the best times on a leader board. People will be telling their friends and encouraging others to try to beat their times.

All while visiting your booth.

Have a contest.

With a prize on display, encourage attendees to take a selfie by your booth. They should then share the selfie on social media, tagging your company. Maybe even suggest they add a relevant hashtag.

Better still if you can add posters throughout the exhibition space. This will prompt visitors to your booth.

Consider photo booth props like silly glasses or funny hats. Then, pictures are more memorable and shareable. This option steps out of the exhibition and into the online space where your presence will grow.

Promo Gifts

Attendees will be walking around and collecting leaflets and freebies all day.

Provide them with a branded tote bag. Then they will be walking around the exhibition, advertising your company all day.

Branded pens, pads of paper, and water bottles are also good ideas. Give out branded items that attendees will want or need. This will ensure your name is seen everywhere, even long after the event.

Dazzling Display

Your logo is clear and unmistakable. Now what? To stand out, it’s a good idea to stick to your brand colors.

Balloons, streamers, and flags are great. But they can also be a bit busy or detract from main messaging.

This isn’t a children’s birthday party, after all. But you do want attendees to enjoy themselves and associate you in a positive light.

Show your product or service. Large, full-color posters will tell everyone what you do and who you are. If you manufacture paper clips, showcase the best paper clips in existence.

Keep copy to a minimum. Let the images speak for you.

People aren’t there to read signs. They are there to buy and sell, to make connections.

Make sure you use only high-resolution images. This ensures they are sharp and clear when enlarged.

Also, it’s helpful to have an identifiable section cordoned off. An archway will invite people to enter your exhibit.

There they can view your offerings, ask you questions. Allow them to touch, taste, or try your product or services in person.

If applicable, make sure your brand covers the walls. When people take and share pictures, your logo should be present, even if it’s in the background.

A selfie wall will attract social media users. If there is fun artwork to pose in front of, they’ll take pictures in front of your logo and company name all day long. Take advantage of this by providing an interesting backdrop for their photos.

These boxes are easy to assemble and energy-efficient. The bulbs last for tens of thousands of hours and can go from dim to super bright. Best of all, you can break them down in seconds for simple, lightweight transport.

Stay Engaged

Consider having an iPad near the entrance to your exhibit. It can collect contact information from attendees.

This can be another contest to encourage participation. Shortly after the event, contact everyone to see if you can dig up any leads.

Sometimes people get too busy or distracted to make a connection on the day of the event. So, chase all leads afterward.

Like and comment on all social media shares. Remain positive and professional but friendly. Thank the person for coming to the event and for sharing the photo.

This isn’t the best place to try an overt sales tactic. Your presence will speak for you.

That’s a Wrap

After a successful outdoor exhibition, you’ll want to rest. But also, make sure you prepare for increased traffic to your website, more phone calls coming in.

Because a dazzling display and successful networking will get you the attention you need. But now that you’ve gotten the interest of new contacts, it’s time for you to deliver. If you’ve found this article helpful, please visit our blog.


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