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Outsourced vs In-House IT Support: Benefits and Disadvantages

When it comes to a business’s internal services, no area is worth careful consideration as to whether to outsource IT support, or not. This choice will impact nearly everyone every day and how they are able to function and thrive at work. It can also be a decision fraught with financial implications, especially if you are a company that is deciding whether to go in-house with your tech department.

The benefits of outsourcing IT support can include economic savings, being able to stay technologically current, and the ability to rely on outside expertise. Disadvantages often include a loss of local control, communication issues, and diminished quality.

However, the brief synopsis above doesn’t fully capture all of the nuances that the topic contains. To get a fuller picture of the most important considerations, be sure to read on for the top three benefits and disadvantages to keep in mind when deciding whether outsourcing IT support is right for you.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

The benefits of outsourcing companies’ IT needs center around cost savings and the ability to stay current in the rapidly changing technology space. Many companies will choose to rely on outside experts such as marketers, lawyers, and accountants in this way, choosing outside IT experts for help is a natural extension of this practice.

Rely on Outside Expertise

Knowing what threats lay waiting for your business in cyberspace can be an impossible task for those without a tech background. Ransomware and cyber espionage are both reaching untold new heights, being able to rely on the knowledge and guidance provided by an outsourced IT department can be a great comfort. Relying on outside expertise allows one to focus on their own core competencies—managing a successful business.

Economize Without Sacrificing Quality

Not only will a company most likely be able to reduce labor costs by outsourcing IT services but doing so will give much greater stability to IT costs in general. After all, an IT department can be an expensive operation based on salaries alone—with the average computer support specialist clearing $52,000 annually. Outsourcing is a great way to gain control over these costs.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

As mentioned above, technology is one of the most rapidly changing industries out there. To stay on top of the newest trends, it is important to be able to implement changes rapidly. Having the right outsourcing firm in place can help to make staying up to date all the easier. And being ahead of the technology curve is a great way to keep a business safe. After all, if you don’t have the latest tech, you’re likely to be left behind.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing IT Support

Issues with outsourcing IT support—such as communication errors and loss of local control— typically stem from an inability to do one’s due diligence on potential partners. Finding the right partner to work with on outsourcing IT support can go a long way towards ensuring a smooth transition and no drop-off in the quality of service provided.

Loss of Local Control if Using Global Talent

And of course, one large aspect that must be discussed when talking about outsourcing is the negative connotations people will have with past iterations of the practice. When most people hear outsourcing, they think of the futility of being on hold with a call center in India.

In reality, local outsourcing operations have been around for decades and do outstanding work. This is why it can help to look for IT outsourcing experts in specific locations, like IT services in San Antonio for example.

Communication Issues

Especially when relying on overseas talent, communication issues can arise. This is why finding the right fit with an outsourcing partner is so vital. If you can’t communicate the problem adequality, solutions will never suffice, no matter how talented an IT tech may be.

Risk of Dip in Quality of Services

If the proper controls aren’t put in place, the quality of IT services may be affected. The best way to safeguard against this is to use a quality, local outsourcing expert who can offer proof of satisfied clients. Anyone can staff up a warm body, but only the best outsourcing options will actually exceed the ability of local talent.

Final Word: Outsourcing Can Be a Great Solution, When Done Right

In the end, outsourcing IT support won’t make sense for every business, and proper vetting must be done of any firm being tasked with a company’s technology services. However, for many companies, outsourcing can be an excellent way to control costs, minimize risk, and gain the expertise of others, all without sacrificing quality.

Still, have questions about outsourcing IT and whether it is right for your firm’s particular needs? Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have. As always, thank you for reading!


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