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How Outsourcing Digital Marketing Activities Helps Grow Your Business Fast

By 2022, it was predicted that businesses would spend up to $389 billion on digital marketing. From this alone, you can see that digital marketing is the life and blood of modern business. 

Digital marketing is complex. It involves more than social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising. If poorly managed, online marketing can finish your resources fast. 

There is a better option though, and this is outsourcing your digital marketing, as much of it as you can. As Billy Ryan says in his new book Fix Your Why, it takes much to make your dream a reality. Outsourcing will bring you closer to your goals faster. 

Here is how outsourcing digital marketing activities can accelerate your business growth:

1. Get Results Faster

While the digital marketing agency that you hire is going to customize its strategies to suit your needs, they do not necessarily “reinvent the wheel.”

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They use tested and proven strategies that have worked for other businesses before yours. This kind of recurrence makes them more efficient. That is why they deliver results faster than an in-house marketing team would. 

They have all the tools needed to run effective marketing campaigns. Technology tools are expensive. Thus, if you were to run your digital brand awareness campaigns, you would need to spend a lot of money or forego the tools. 

Some tools can be hard to use, so you would need to train your marketing team. This means more expense. You would make too many mistakes, which slow down or completely obliterate your growth. 

2. Get Affordable Expertise

Running an in-house marketing team is very costly. First, you have to buy more equipment. 

Secondly, you will be overseeing a team that at the very least comprises a social media marketer, SEO specialist, web content specialist, outreach people, and more. Imagine having to create workstations for these people, offer them refreshments, pay their benefits, and much more. It is costly.

If you hire a digital marketing agency, you pass on this burden to them. They have the experts, they will work remotely and most importantly, you get one person to manage your account.  

Even if you are a marketing expert, hire an agency. Their whole professional life revolves around marketing. When they take that off your hands, you can concentrate on other aspects of your business. 

3. You Can Get Guarantees

Because they are replicating what they have done for many years, agencies give guarantees. Some of the key performance indicators for digital marketing include:

  • increased page views for your eCommerce site
  • increased click-through rates
  • increased conversions
  • High customer return rates
  • more traffic sources

This way, as the campaign kicks off, you know what kind of results you can expect in 6, 12, 18, 24, or 36 months. If the key performance indicators are underwhelming, you know whom to ask. 

4. Your Business Benefits From The Latest Technology

Digital marketing is tool-centric and it can be too costly to buy. At most, you might afford two or three and they are hardly enough. Your business benefits from the latest tools if you outsource marketing.

You stand to benefit from accurate predictions, better data analysis, and fast research. Technology also removes the guesswork from the picture, so there is less room for error. Your business benefits from all these without having to pay for costly subscriptions. 

5. Scalability

Marketing never stops. As a business grows, the need to expand to reach more people grows.  That is why Coca-Cola advertises all the time to create brand loyalty. 

The marketing resources and tools need to grow. Consider a business blog that grows to the extent of getting more than a million hits a month. It will need bigger hosting resources. 

If you depend on your resources alone, it will hinder your growth. A marketing agency ensures a seamless transition to every level of your business. 

6. Help You Reach Your Target Audience Easily 

Marketing is effective if it reaches the target audience with the brand message. Your advertising budget should only be used to reach your target audience. 

Tweaking the message is important to connect with the intended recipients. The message needs delivery through a venue that the intended recipients use. This can be too much to handle on your own. But the agencies know how to reach the intended audience with the least resources. 

They know how to reach as many people as possible with the brand message. They have been refining the strategy for many years, so they do a fast job. 

7. Get An Outside Perspective Of Our Business

Working with a marketing agency requires you to tell them your goals, vision, and mission. They will then get to work, look at your business critically and point out the things that you are doing wrong. 

As the owner, you get too familiar with your business such that you start overlooking important details. You will be surprised at the things a third party can teach you about your business. 


At first, outsourcing your marketing tasks will feel expensive. But as the effort starts to bear fruit and the orders start rolling in, you will regret why you did not start working with an agency earlier. 

They make everything so easy because they have the latest tools, expertise, and the inside information required to run a successful digital marketing campaign

Besides, you can work with one agency on and off for many years. When you don’t need aggressive marketing, you drop them. If the need for another campaign comes up, you can rehire them. 

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