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Overcoming Human Trafficking: Student Activism for Human Rights

In our current time, it’s pretty surprising to find out that human trafficking still takes place daily. With all the movements, protests, and public services, one would expect such issues to dial down. However, these illegal and hazardous activities still occur in more than 100 countries worldwide. It’s nothing less than a shock to find out human trades, child labor, and trafficking still exist.

The first thing a student can do to combat this dilemma is to educate themselves about the numerous signs of human trafficking. This is considered to be the initial step one takes towards overcoming the problem. However, that doesn’t stop it. It merely works on increasing your awareness when it comes to the tell-tale signs. Below is a list of differences you can make as a student activist for human rights of overcoming human trafficking.

Read & Write About Human Trafficking

While the topic is incredibly vulgar, and it turns heads everywhere, we cannot hide in the shadows for too long. As a student, education is the key to being aware of everything happening around you. The ultimate method to learn is through human trafficking essays that work to assist your essay skills and educate you on human rights when in college. Awareness allows you to gain knowledge about what the term itself entails. Human trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation, and obtaining of individuals for numerous reasons. These often include labor and services, all done under pretenses.

You might be wondering why it’s vital for a student to learn about the various details of fraudulent activities. While you might believe it won’t happen to you or a loved one, the chances are never nonexistent. Moreover, while the overwhelming percentage includes children, people away from their families are more at risk of such activities. Hence, as a college student, education is critical.

Recognize the Signs of Human Trafficking

It’s pretty difficult to recognize someone who is the abuser in human trafficking. However, you might be able to identify the signs that someone is a victim in various ways. However, remember that the person will likely not reach out, as abused individuals are terrified of coming forward. Hence, you can play your role in recognizing the signs. Some signs include being malnourished, severe mental health symptoms, avoiding eye contact, working excessive hours, and inability to speak for themselves. For a complete list of warning signs, check out the one offered by Nevada State.

Fundraise for Anti-Trafficking Organizations

Involving yourself in human rights organizations allows you to gain perspective into the reality of the situation. However, remember that such involvement isn’t for the feign of heart. You might meet victims, hear stories, and participate in triggering activities. On the other hand, involvement and awareness are vital to your education. Moreover, as most organizations do not have enough funding to support the victims, helping out in fundraisers is a great idea.

There are numerous ways in which you can hold a fundraiser yourself. For instance, you can have fundraising drives at a mall, near shopping centers, or even outside shelters. Another option, since the internet is the overwhelming commonality worldwide, you can set up online funding accounts. However, if you opt to do so, make sure you mention all details about the organization you’re supporting to gain credibility.

Be Part of Human Trafficking Awareness Month

According to the U.S. Department of State, the human trafficking awareness month falls in January. January is the month when organizations and supporting institutes are celebrated. Education spreads across the country. But how can a studying individual show their support? First, wearing blue outfits, makeup, or jewelry offers your support for the cause. Many share pictures with the tag “#WearBlueDay.”

Circling back to hashtags, spread awareness through social media platforms. This guarantees more reach everywhere. As a college student, hold an activity, such as a campus sporting event, in which you talk about the cause. A dedicated event will support the movement much more than you would realize. Ensure that people around you educate themselves as well.


As a student, the bottom line is that you cannot go wrong with raising awareness. The most important thing to do is educate yourself first, be aware of the signs, and find ways to support the movement. This allows you to better understand the consequences and methods of helping others.

The ultimate method to reach more people is through social media. However, that isn’t a guarantee. Still, sharing hashtags, wearing blue as a stance in January, and helping out in fundraisers will go a long way. There are infinite amounts of supporting organizations. Make sure you’re part of one that requires support and funding. Over time, bring in some friends and other contributors who want to be part of raising awareness for the cause.

Author’s Bio

Charlie D. Kenney

As a human rights advocate, Charlie has participated in numerous organizations. He has helped raise awareness and funds for refugees, human trafficking victims, gender equality, and many more causes. He often enjoys documenting his experiences through writing, as it allows knowledge to spread to others around him.

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