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Own Business is 24/7 Investment Not Just a 9-5pm; Say Anna & Aga of

We lately brought Dubai’s much needed business statrup in spotlight. is one of its own kind in the city and new mommys and mums to be must avail the best advice to stay organized with babies. It’s always great to meet people behind such workable ideas. Knowing their approach to deal problems while setting up business and their recipe of success is a great motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as those going through a tough time.

Let’s meet the brains behind These are two Polish ladies, Anna Walo and Anna Beutel who brought the idea of into life.

“In my 6 years experience as a mother of 2 and psychologist I have learned a lot and I am fully aware how important family support is, especially at the beginning. Therefore I would like to use my knowledge while working with new mums to be or newly fresh mums in order to provide the support they need during this special time. With mutual effort we can make every step of your new journey a great memorable experience”, says Anna Walo.

anna and aga

Aga Beutel says, “Children and family psychology has always been my main focus during my psychology studies. I’ve worked extensively with parents and babies in Europe and I know that becoming a parent is the start of a wonderful journey but it can get tricky. We want to make that start a bit easier for you, especially if you are new to Dubai or if you simply need a helping hand.” 

We asked Anna and Aga some questions about building up this business and how they faced challenges. Let’s see what they say about being mompreneurs and what’s their recipe for success!

1- What are major challenges in your industry?

Our clientele is women, and what makes it more interesting is that they are expecting a baby. Every woman is different and individual and when they are expecting, it makes them even more fragile. So the challenge is to find out and understand their needs in order to reach their expectation to make them happy.

2- How difficult was it for you to setup

Having your own business is completely different than working for someone else. It basically is a 24h investment, not just a 9-5pm working day. You need to combine it with other duties like for example raising the children, and doing it for the first time was a very new experience for both of us, we have learned new things and overcame new challenges but what we are proud of is that we have put it together from A to Z, by ourselves including designs of our logo and our guides.

3- What do you think is the biggest challenge to become a mompreneur?

As we all know, being a mum is a nonstop duty, that combined with becoming a mompreneur can be challenging, but it is manageable!

4- What 3 characteristics should a business startup have to become a success?

  • 1. Dedication to the client
  • 2. Originality
  • 3. You, as the creator, need to believe in what you do.

5- Your recipe of success in one sentence?

If you truly believe in what you do, you will make the people believe in it too.

6- How important reading (books/magazines/online publications) is for entrepreneurs in your opinion?

Very, it keeps you up to date about novelties within the area of your business. For example, for our shopping assistance services, we always keep an eye on what is coming up on the market what is new what has been replaced with a better version. In order to deliver 100% to the client.
7- What is the best way to deal tough competitors in your opinion?

Always try to maintain your idea and your originality as this is what differs you from others and decrease the competition,
8- Any failures that you’d like to share?

Not one so far, so fingers crossed.

9- Where does your husband/partner stand in your success? And how much important is such support for a mompreneur?

I think we can both fully agree that our husbands have been very supportive while starting up our business, in terms of help and understanding.

10- Any tips/advice for Startup Guys’ readers.

Nevergiveup. Take obstacles as a challenge, face them and overcome them.

Being original and believing in what you do is what Anna and Aga recommend us to focus on. Let’s take the advice and certainly it’s going to work out!

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