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Pagelanes; Social Media Management for Team Based Collaboration

Social Media has entirely changed the marketing landscape for small businesses as well as large enterprises. Social media channels create a direct line of communication between your company and the prospects.

But the main problem is managing your presence across all social media platforms effectively. Whether you are handling social media for your business alone or have a team to take care of it, one thing is for sure that you need tools to increase efficiency.

Efficient customer service is behind the word of mouth marketing for any brand and taking care of customer service over social media needs your special attention.

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So, if you actually want to enhance your customer service over social media, using Pagelanes can help you increasing ROI over social media efforts. It’s a social media management tool made for team-based collaboration.

With the content calendar provided by Pagelanes, you can have a detailed look at what’s happening at a glance. No chain e-mails and a long process; create content, assign editors, review drafts and get things done in a proper work flow.

The most important feature is the ticket-based customer service. Whenever your fans interact with your brand’s page, a ticket is generated which you can quickly assign to any of your team member who should reply instantly or use a template for frequently asked questions.

If you are not sure whether it is the right option for your business or not, give it a try with a free trial request and see how it works!

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Pagelanes in Their Own Words:

Pagelanes is social media management made easy. Watch over all of your pages at once and never miss a thing. Its central features are ticketing, content publishing and collaboration. With ticketing you receive everything that is posted to one of your pages in real-time. With our content calendar you can create postings with all the functionality you’re used to from social media and schedule them for far ahead.

Our collaboration features enable teams to create content together, have internal discussions about content and responses, plus our approval workflow allows teams to only publish things that were seen by all relevant people. Add insights, our mobile app and team management and many features to come to that and you’ve got a social media management tool that works for you.

What Brings Pagelanes to the Spotlight:

Optimized customer services over social media!

Pagelanes Website:

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