Paralign: Journal Your Everyday Thoughts & Feelings Anonymously

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Technology has improved almost everything in our lives, but at the same time it brought a lifestyle full of challenges. To beat the day to day challenges we all have to work hard and many times, we even don’t have time express our thoughts and feelings with close ones or else when we have time they’re not available.

Expression of thoughts and feelings is very important to keep your mind active, healthy and positive. So, don’t worry if you cannot share your day to day feelings. Get the Paralign app in your smartphone; start expressing anonymously and get your mind aligned with the like-minded people.

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Paralign is an anonymous social journaling platform whereby you can journal your thoughts and feelings anonymously as well as find thoughts that are similar to yours.

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You can also interact anonymously with people having thoughts you resonate with. Besides that there are more features to measure your day to day activity, get feedback on your thoughts, mood patterns etc.

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Paralign in Their Own Words:

Paralign is an anonymous social journaling platform that connects you to similar thoughts as you journal.  It gives you feedback about your thought and mood patterns and helps you be more aware. Paralign’s companion feature personalizes guides (like guided meditation) to empower you to live a more inner-connected life.

What Brings Paralign to the Spotlight:

It connects and builds communities of like-minded people, offers them support and acknowledgement for every day thoughts and feelings

Paralign Website:

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