Parcl; Connecting Online Shoppers with Trusted Forwarders

It was a few years back when I was so much enthusiastic about starting an online trading company which sells some authentic goods. I spent hours on product research and found some really good deals, but everything wiped out with a single statement, “We do not ship to your country”.

Well, it’s not just about being into business, but many times being a customer we come across some great deals which we are so much interested in, but we lose just because the seller doesn’t ship to specific regions. Many times sellers have some great offline offers and so on!

Till so far, the best way to get these deals was to have a relative abroad whom you pay the purchase and shipping costs, he buys and ships it to you. But what if you have no one there!

The problem has rightly been identified by Parcl and now we can have a trouble free online shopping from anywhere in the world. Parcl replaces that trusted relative factor with a trusted forwarder. So, you join Parcl, and submit a public delivery request or send it privately to specific forwarders and negotiate the deal. Once finalized the deal with one, he’ll buy your stuff and will ship it to you.

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Don’t worry about the money, you will get a refund if you do not receive the shipment! They have everything to make things easier for buyers and forwarders.  For security reasons and to provide users with best experience they verify the identities of both shoppers and forwarders.

This is How Parcl Works
This is How Parcl Works

Another good thing is it’s free, as a buyer you don’t need to pay anything above the purchase price + forwarders charges, and forwarders also do not have to pay any fee.

Since, it’s in Beta stage yet, there might be a small transaction fee in future to keep the operations smooth, however, such a service is great even if it has some transaction fees involved.

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Parcl in Their Own Words:

Parcl is a free peer-to-peer service that helps pair up “shoppers” in need of assistance with purchasing in overseas shops with “forwarders” who are able to buy and ship products. The innovative service provides an online platform where shoppers can select package forwarders, who can assist with placing the order, shipping it to the shopper’s country and provide a range of other related services. On the other side of the service, anyone can register at Parcl as a forwarder and offer shipping services they are able to fulfill.

What Brings Parcl to the Spotlight:

It bridges the gap between shoppers and overseas forwarders and it’s simple!

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