Payrexx; Enabling Online Sales Without the Need of eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website is the best way to sell your products online, but building an eCommerce store needs good investment, i.e. when you are going to accept online payments, you must have to maintain the security and privacy standards and to do so, you need money and a development expert as well as someone on support.

Suppose, you have some really amazing products and you know people will buy them too, but investing on an eCommerce website is not just an option. What’s next then?

Well, you can sell online without an eCommerce website too, i.e. on your simple website, through Facebook and other social networks; all you need is an authentic payment processing partner.

Payrexx can be your trusted payment processing partner as more than 1000 businesses are already there. With Payrexx you can easily create individual payment forms that you can send as a link, embed on your website, or share on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

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The basic subscription is free and comes with limited functions, however, it’s the paid plan that comes with just everything you need, i.e. mobile, recurring payments, tablet POS, unlimited payment forms, multiple payment providers (Multi-PSP), personalized look’n feel, customization, multiple languages, interfaces (REST API, Web hooks) etc.

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Payrexx in Their Own Words:

Payrexx is a cloud solution, which helps organizations and private individuals (free), to create their own, customizable web pages for payments which can be used for easy quick transactions, quickly and easily, thanks to additional, customizable input fields.

With Payrexx you can offer every payment type: one-time payments, recurring payments, pre-orders, invoices, requests for payment, donation, booking payments and much more. Payrexx is very well suited for SMEs, eshops, donation organizations, nonprofits, hotels, saas providers, consultants, organizer, web developers, clubs, gyms, personal trainers, massage therapists, dance studios, music teachers and more.

What Brings Payrexx to the Spotlight:

By connecting several Payment Service Providers (PSP) and all common payment methods at one place, Payrexx removes the need of eCommerce store setup, thus reduces the additional development costs for small businesses.

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