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How to Easily Turn PDF Files into The File Format You Desire

PDF files are easy and convenient to use for business professionals because they retain the original formatting and can be opened with any program on any device.

Turn PDF Files into The File Format You Desire

However, there will be times when you need to convert a PDF document to another format. So, check out the following ways of converting PDFs to popular file formats.

Converting PDF to Word

Seeing as not all recipients of PDFs can edit the files, and seeing as Word is the world’s most-used word processing tool, many people need the ability to convert PDF to Word. One way you can do that is to use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, which is available for a monthly fee.

With a few clicks, you can convert a PDF into a Word .doc or .docx file. However, not everyone wants to invest in a monthly plan. Another option is to use CleverPDF’s PDF to Word conversion tool. It is completely free to use. Simply drag and drop the PDF to be converted, click “Start Conversion” and the file will be uploaded and converted instantly, ready for download.

Converting PDF to ODT

ODT files are created by the free OpenOffice Writer word processor program. They are similar to Microsoft Word’s .doc and .docx file formats.

You cannot use Adobe Acrobat to convert PDF to ODT directly. But you can convert the PDF to a Word document and then save the Word document in ODT format. Open Adobe Acrobat and:

  •   Go to “Tools” and then “Export PDF.”
  •   Choose the Word file format and select the PDF file to be converted.
  •   Click “Export” and select the destination folder.
  •   Open the document in Word and save it as an ODT file.

Converting PDF to Excel

You can also use Acrobat Pro programs to convert PDFs into Excel spreadsheets. Open the PDF file and then:

  •   Export it into an Excel workbook.
  •   Click on “Save Dialog” and select the folder where you want to save the document.
  •   Name the new document.
  •   Click “Save.”
  •   View the exported file in Microsoft Office Excel.

Another option is to use Microsoft Office Word. Open your PDF document in Word, and you will see a popup window for enabling conversion.

Click “OK” and save the Word document as a web page. Then open the Microsoft Office Excel app and locate the page you saved.

Converting PDF to TXT

It is simple to convert PDF to TXT with Adobe Acrobat. By converting to TXT, you can easily edit text and copy or paste text to external apps. Just open Adobe Acrobat and:

  •   Go to “Tools.”
  •   Click on “Export PDF.”
  •   Select “More Formats” and then “Text (Plain).”
  •   Choose the PDF you want to convert and click “Export.”
  •   Choose the folder where you want to save the document.
  •   View the text in Notepad or another text viewing application.

Converting PDF to PowerPoint

If you want to waste hours manually pasting PDF content into PowerPoint slides, go for it. But a much quicker and easier option is to use Adobe Acrobat Pro. Open the program and:

  •   Go to “Tools.”
  •   Select “Export PDF.”
  •   Select “Microsoft PowerPoint” as the export format.
  •   Select the PDF file you want to export and click “Export.”
  •   Click “Save As” and name your new PowerPoint file.
  •   Save the file to your desired location.

Converting PDF to HTML

If you want to display PDF content in all browser types without facing compatibility problems, you can either embed the PDF on your website or convert the PDF file to HTML. To do the latter with an Adobe Acrobat application:

  •   Load your PDF into the Acrobat program.
  •   Go to “Tools.”
  •   Select “Export PDF” and then “HTML Web Page.”
  •   Click “Export” and select your file destination.

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