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Pearl App; the Easiest & Innovative Way of Digital Storytelling

We are living in the digital age, which is faster than ever before. Everyone is running short of time and so it is very important to clearly communicate the matters. This is why we take social media not just a mode of staying connected but also a medium to express ourselves.

The changing trends and the derived demand has made it an essential for individual brands, small businesses and even large enterprises to leverage social media to share content and promote themselves. However, the increased competition over social media has also made it hard for businesses to get people’s attention online, especially developing an engaging content is a big challenge.

Pearl app solves this problem by helping you wrap your photos up in a single compelling video that brings them to life with music and your voice. All you need to do is to choose photos, add an optional title, and select music to fit the mood, record your voice to narrate the photos, tell a story, or say anything you want and share your Pearl video on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube in one step.

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Well, that’s not just time saving, but in case of small businesses, it’s a big money saver too. Imagine, all those startups on tight budget who cannot think of hiring a videographer can make an awesome video without spending a fortune.

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The digital storytelling has probably never been that easy. So, not necessarily that businesses make good use of the Pearl app; individuals can create personalized videos for their loved ones too, without much effort!

A must try for everyone, and especially for marketers and content developers who have long been struggling with digital storytelling!

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Pearl in Their Own Words:

Pearl unlocks the power of storytelling by transforming photos already stored on your iPhone into narrated videos that can be created and shared in just a few minutes.


What Brings Pearl to the Spotlight:

It’s an innovative app to save time and money while increasing the productivity of marketing and content teams.


Pearl Website:

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.