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Perch: A Customer-Centered Real Estate Platform

With the emergence of technology and software innovation, building a customer-focused, analytics-driven digital platform in optimizing one’s path to homeownership has been made possible by the Perch.

Customize Your Home Buying Experience with Perch

Created in 2018, Perch is a tech start-up based in Toronto. It seeks to help Canadians establish financial freedom and sound real estate decisions.

Being aware of the main concerns on housing affordability among Canadians, founder Alex Leduc spearheaded the Perch to guide and provide his fellowmen professional real estate guidance without the jargon and complex spreadsheets.

Homebuyers and homeowners can now have access to more informed financial insights leading to better real estate decisions; thanks to Perch’s commitment to come up with a dedicated team of real estate professionals and an online platform.

If you are looking for a real estate provider that prioritizes your personal mortgage options and will help you create a customized home buying plan for your homeownership, you will surely enjoy Perch’s platform.

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Customer Journey Experience with Perch

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Starting on its website, its friendly customer journey experience is already evident. Homebuyers and homeowners have respective tools already provided for insights and more mortgage options.

With its updated resources, articles, guides, and transparency on its team, Perch indeed deserves to be recognized and selected as one of the recipients of 2022 REACH Canada Program in terms of financial efficiency and transparency.

Adding to its credibility, Perch is also supported by Second Century Ventures, the strategic investment arm of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). They have received a seed funding of $1 million CAD to upscale the development of their property financing solutions.

The leverage brought by the 2022 REACH Canada program and the support they received from Second Century Ventures gives Perch an advantage in building a global presence in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Perch is their broker affiliations and ways of securing finances and transactions among its potential and current clients.

Mortgauge Brokerage’s main firm is Perch. Mortgauge is a licensed mortgage brokerage and Perch’s only mortgage partner. Mortgauge is a regulated brokerage in Ontario that also aims of expanding its network in other provinces.

In terms of coordinating with lenders, Perch makes sure to promote regulated Canadian financial institutions only. Most importantly, Perch makes sure to treat all lenders equally by not accepting any fees from lenders to create any favorable treatment over others.

For more information about Perch, you can visit their website here. They also have a responsive customer support service you can reach via

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.