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How To Take The Perfect Headshots For Your First Ever Startup Profile

Humans are all about visuals, and we judge a book by its cover. In the startup world, it is no different. Clients, potential job candidates, and everyone in the corporate world rely on the “minds” behind the big idea. Corporate headshots serve the purpose of creating first impressions.

Let’s look at why they are essential, followed by tips to capture headshots perfectly.

How Headshots Make a Difference

Corporate headshots project your professional values and how you want your company to be perceived by your clients. Having your employee profiles on your website or any other platforms with headshots not only aces first impressions but also enables you to earn your client’s trust.

We have compiled the benefits of investing in team members’ headshots for first-time startup entrepreneurs. You can also explore for relevant information on professional headshots.

The first one is that anyone looking at your company profile will take you more seriously to begin with. Pictures help to build trust immediately. And for startups, attracting new customers is vital, and headshots add a certain level of persuasion. Simply put, a new lead will likely get in touch with you when they see headshots of real people on their website or business profiles.

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To tell you the truth, the headshots are seen by more people than you think. In today’s time and age, the first thing we do to look for information about someone is to google them. And before you know it, your headshot will appear, making you look professional and a high-achiever.

Many successful startups recruit people who are virtual employees working from different parts of the world. Headshots of your team members also help your internal workforce build a good work relationship, despite the long distance. Most importantly, a corporate headshot is required at all communication stages, whether via email, phone, messenger, or any other communication channel within the company.

Tips To Take Perfect Corporate Headshots

Headshots have become a new culture to introduce your team members to the rest of the world, and they should be given priority when building your startup profile and website.

Scroll down to learn about the top tips to take corporate headshots to have the maximum impact.

1.  Corporate Attire

Remember, your look for your headshot will directly speak to your audience. So, it’s important to send the right message maintaining a balance of professionalism and confidence. The number one rule is to tone it down, following the less is more rule.

Suits are an ideal choice for men, while for women, they can be anything on the formal side, with little to no skin showing. For example, the neckline should not be too low or too high. It’s best to choose half-sleeved or full-sleeved shirts or tops.

For relaxed industries, you can keep it casual, but remember that hair and clothes have to look sharp, no matter what you choose to wear. Be mindful of your background color. Select colors that match the background, and it’s best if you can convince everyone to wear similar colors, either on the light side or dark.

2. Plain and Simple Background

Stay away from congested and busy backgrounds, period. You don’t want the focus to shift to your background. Keep it simple, and choose a solid color for your background.

White is an ideal choice; however, you could use an office space that has the potential to be a good background for headshots. Something along neutral tones is also a great option, in case your office walls are not white.

You could also explore outdoor spaces for headshots, although they have to have a daytime background.

Note that headshots should focus on your team member’s faces, not their clothes or surroundings.

3. Good Lighting

What makes ordinary headshots look great? Good lighting, period. Professional photographers often use a trick called “catch light” that makes the eyeballs twinkle and look brighter.

Good lighting makes a major difference, and most times, the power of lighting can completely transform a photo.

Natural lighting is a nice idea for outdoor headshots, but not the best. You still need studio lights to amp it up. Why not hire a professional photographer to capture the best headshots?

4. Eye Contact

Eye contact is mandatory. There’s no point in having headshots if the eyes are not directly looking at the lens of the camera. Headshots are focused on the face of the person across the camera. If one feels uncomfortable looking directly, try to encourage them to sit at an angle so they are not worried about the camera being on their face.

Positioning at an angle, for example, at 30 degrees, can make the headshot look more natural. Plus, direct eye contact is necessary, so feel free to shift positions to see what works best, but compromising on eye contact isn’t a good idea.


You want everyone to look their best for shoot day, especially if it’s your first time taking headshots for your startup. Here’s what we think you should do to get everyone on board before taking headshots. Give them guidelines on style codes with details on haircuts, attires, etc. Don’t forget to mention “don’ts” such as no heavy jewelry, removing face piercings, etc.

Additionally, having a dedicated picture day is a fantastic team-building activity. Good luck.

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