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PersonaDrive; Collaborative Persona Management for Improved Productivity

Project success is always a team work. Organization are increasingly utilizing teams not just for structuring work, but also for decision making because a multi-person decision is always better than the one by an individual.

Though various factors are involved, the key to successful team-based decision-making is the sharing of information among members.

For a marketer it’s important to understand the buyer personas and develop content that converts more leads, builds more sales, and produces more brand advocates. On the other hand, designers and developers need to understand the user behavior so they can develop website with a clear-cut idea on the user flow.

Now, we are living in an age where we are constantly on the move, i.e. various locations and different devices. This is where we need effective persona management that syncs across devices.

Let it be product development phase, pre-launch campaign, launching activities or post launch segment, all the team members need to be on the same page by having instant and hassle free access to personas. Having all the personas at one place using PersonaDrive can get your team organized and make the processes smooth.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.45.55 PM

PersonaDrive lets you create personas in one place, so they can be discovered and socialized efficiently. You can organize your user research, your team can highlight the critical path of each persona and maintain alignment, prioritize what matters and socialize it quickly. This collaborative persona management eliminates fragmentation and improves productivity.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.46.34 PM

PersonaDrive can be accessed from anywhere using any device and you can create and manage personas at your own ease. It’s simple and free; if you have 5 or less personas. Free version comes with all what you need to test it, i.e. collaboration, project insights, linking personas to projects and data export!


PersonaDrive in Their Own Words:

PersonaDrive is a web-based collaboration platform to help design-minded professionals and teams incorporate personas into their product or service development activities. It streamlines the persona creation process, provides a structured persona framework to foster data consistency, gets personas out of static templates, and enables new collaboration opportunities between FTEs and 3rd party vendors.

What Brings PersonaDrive to the Spotlight:

Persona creation and management simplified.

PersonaDrive Website:

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