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7 Personal Branding Trends You’ll Likely See in 2022

According to Forbes, a personal brand refers to an individual’s mix of “skills and experiences” that make them unique. Personal branding is the act of showcasing these attributes to the world.

Individuals who engage in effective personal branding will be able to promote themselves and their organization in a way that builds trust among consumers.

Personal branding has become more important than ever before due to the increasingly crowded nature of the modern marketplace.

In fact, personal branding efforts are poised to take center stage as thousands of business leaders seek to reinvent themselves and bounce back in the post-pandemic economy.

Below, we highlight seven of the top personal branding trends likely to appear in 2022.

1. Branded Websites

While branded websites are no longer a new trend, this personal branding effort is seeing a massive uptick in popularity. This comes as no surprise since branded websites provide the perfect opportunity for high-profile individuals to present consumers with curated messaging.

If you need tips on creating or polishing yours, check out marketing executive Michael Capiraso’s site.

When making your branded site, make sure to pay careful attention to every single detail. Everything from the typography to the color scheme will impact the viewer’s experience.

All components of your branded site should convey a distinct message in the proper tone if you want the content to have its desired effect.

2.  An Increase in Published Works

Modern employees are starving for authentic leadership. Regardless of industry, the latest generation of professionals is focused on connecting with organizations that nurture a positive workplace culture. These developments are fueling the leadership book genre.

Over the next few years, you can expect to see plenty of books, audiobooks, videocasts, and other published works from organizational leaders. If you are looking for a way to supplement your personal branding efforts, you may want to try your hand at creative writing.

3.  Podcasting and More Podcasting

To say that the podcast industry has exploded over the last few years would be a huge understatement. Podcasts have supplanted talk radio shows as the primary “audio-only” entertainment and information medium.

Several prominent business leaders have capitalized on the expanding podcast market, as well. A few prime examples include Origin Founder Jocko Willink and Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev. The Harvard Business Review has even launched its own weekly podcast.

4. Enhancing Accessibility

For decades, C-suite executives, high-profile business leaders, and celebrities have had an air of mystery or exclusiveness. This has made these individuals feel out of reach for everyday consumers.

The great divide between business leaders and the people they serve can be a massive barrier to personal branding. That is why several CEOs and decision-makers have begun to make concerted efforts to connect with their target audiences.

They accomplish this by responding to consumer comments on social media posts, hosting live Q&As on platforms like Facebook, and taking similar actions to make themselves available for interaction with the public.

5. Getting Active on Social Media

Your organization is probably already very active on top social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. While this tactic can certainly draw in more customers, posting from a company’s social media channel is not nearly as effective as when an executive posts on their personal account.

In fact, Entrepreneur states that brand message re-sharing increases by 2400% when the content is posted directly by an executive or employee. Businesses across all industries are starting to catch onto this trend. Naturally, this means more C-suite executives and other organizational leaders will begin posting on social media platforms.

6. Participating in Important Causes

For decades, organizational leaders have strived to keep their personal lives separate from their business dealings. However, this is no longer the case.

Many leaders have begun to participate in causes that they support. This new-age approach is an excellent way of building one’s personal brand. It also gives consumers a chance to get to know you and what you believe in.

Supporting important causes is also a great way of building loyalty with your customers.

7. Demonstrating Compassion and Humility

The seventh personal branding trend of 2022 goes hand in hand with the previously mentioned movement. Consumers want to see the human side of major corporations.

Specifically, modern consumers expect organizational leaders to demonstrate both compassion and humility. They want to do business with companies that take care of their employees, customers, and the communities that they operate within.

If you need to strengthen your personal brand, the trends outlined above are an excellent place to start.


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