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AdvanceSOS: Personal Finance Startup Profile

Meet Our Team

AdvanceSOS and its modern lending strategy are made possible by CEO Nick Wilson and his team of finance professionals. Nick is an experienced loan officer who has assisted borrowers over the counter and online. To know more about him, you can watch him share his expertise on YouTube.

Nick partnered with Ajalen Holley to make the impossible possible by solving challenges to credit one at a time. He then brought Julie Collins onboard to lead the team on business development. Julie keeps things in check to ensure sustainable development for the company.

Dikshita Mehta owns the credit for the frontline services we offer customers. Whenever you have concerns, questions, or suggestions for us, we count on her to help us help you. Heading the content creation department is Jake Walker. Jake has, with his detail-orientedness, helped us ensure all information we share is reliable and up to date. And finally, yours truly, Amanda Girard is the financial copywriter of AdvanceSOS.


Here are a few of the many advantages you can expect when lending here at Advance SOS,

1. Personalized lending

Get the loan destined for you with the help of our intelligent AI systems. Our systems can pair you with the lender who can serve you best.

2. Accessibility

Apply and withdraw your loan right away with our contactless application process. Need only a smartphone/PC and internet connection!

3. Reliability

Enable yourself to get the loan you need 24/7 using our online application system that does not sleep.

4. Legitimacy

Never fall prey to scammers by trusting your innovative filtration systems for lenders. Transact only with legit lenders who want the best for you.

5. Best Rates

Get the best rates without the hassle of canvassing dozens of lenders yourself. Automatically get the best offer within hours of filing your application with us!

Our Services

Our services range from small-dollar payday loans that you can cash out on the same day to installments loans that lend you more than $5,000. We also have title loans, fast cash loans, and bad credit loans. So, depending on what you need, we can find you the perfect terms for your situation.

Personalized lending is what we call it. Increase your chances of getting the best deal by matching your needs with what a lender can offer. To know more about this, our services follow the following stages,

Lending Network Construction and Maintenance

We find all the legitimate lenders in every US state, establish contact with them, and form a stable network of the best of them. Networking with lenders allows us to tap them 24/7 to serve you any hour of any day.

Borrower Online Validation

Upon receiving your loan request, we will confirm your identity and requirements. This step is only to make sure you are a real person with good intentions.

Lender-Borrower Matching

We will scour our network for the best loan deals our partner lenders can offer you. Rest assured that our systems are working 24/7 to ensure you get not only the best rates but that you get it fast as well.

How Does AdvanceSOS Work?

Established in 2019, AdvanceSOS is a top online loan aggregator-broker in the US. We have provided many and varied quality loans working with top lenders by bridging our customers to lenders who can serve them best.

1. Submit an Online Inquiry – 3 to 5 Minutes

Get started by letting us know how much you need, when you can repay it, and where you live (zip code only). This step helps us understand how best we can serve you. We will use the information you will share to pair you with the most eligible lender within our network for you.

2. Know Your Best Deal – 1 to 3 hours

In no time, see what we have in store for you with the help of our partner lenders. Clicking on your loan offer will redirect you to your lender’s website. View the terms of the offer and take note of the details for future reference.

3. Approve the Deal – 5 to 10 minutes

Like the deal? E-sign the loan contract to start the processing of your loan. If you have concerns about the loan terms or wish to negotiate with your lender, you can do so at this step. Remember not to sign anything until you agree to all the terms.

4. Get Your Money – 1 to 2 business days

Withdraw your funds through your bank account shortly after signing your contract. Access it anytime and anywhere using your ATM card. Submitting your application earlier in the day can help you get same-day loans. Avoiding weekends and holidays can fasten access to your funds as well.

Join Our Team!

We are expanding our horizons and looking for another team player to join us. If you are a social media enthusiast near or willing to move to Miami, Oklahoma, you might be who we are looking for!

Work with our talented team as our social media manager in our principal office in Miami. You will oversee all our social media accounts, assist customers, and produce new content.

Reach Out!

Have concerns, questions, or suggestions for our team? Please help us serve you better by reaching out and letting us know your invaluable thoughts.

  • Mail us your letters to our principal office at Miami, OK 812 E Central Ave, Miami, OK 7435, or
  • Call us at +1 (918) 544-52-99 from Monday-Friday between 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM. We can also entertain you every Saturday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Author’s Bio:

amandaAmanda Girard

Amanda is a senior financial copywriter at AdvanceSOS. She has more than six years of journalism experience, mostly in finance. She graduated with a Master’s degree in finance from the University of Oklahoma. Amanda has an excellent understanding of the finance industry.


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