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Personalized Holiday Cards Make Your Diverse Team Feel More Appreciated

You’ve worked hard all year, you’ve done a lot of work for your boss and for your company, you’ve made friends, and you’ve contributed to the team. However, whenever the holiday bonus comes, you get a little card that says a generic message and it doesn’t even feel special.

This happens to a lot of bosses in the workplace when they simply give out generic holiday cards, not because they don’t care about you or they don’t want to show their appreciation, but because they simply don’t know how great a personalized holiday card can make someone feel. Plus, they are very easy to put together and very fun as well.

If you are a boss and you want to do something amazing this holiday season, then you need to look at creating personalized holiday cards because they can make your team feel more appreciated and can leave them with that warm and fuzzy feeling the holidays are known for!

Here’s why getting a card that’s made for them can make everyone feel good.

It Lets Them Know You See Your Employees As People

As a boss, you have it good, because all of your employees are there to do the work you assign them to do and follow your orders. It can be hard to remember the name of your employee who always does their work on time and the one who manages your hectic daily schedule, but without them, your life as a boss would be much much harder to manage.

A personalized holiday card lets your employees know that all their hard work is paying off and that you care about them and can thank them by name.

Personalized Holiday Cards Can Let Employees Be Recognized

Additionally, a personalized holiday card can make an employee feel seen in the workplace. After all, if you know that Bill doesn’t celebrate Christmas, then you can make his card wish him ‘happy holidays’ instead. Also, if Jan has been doing a killer job on the phones recently, then you can mention that in the card to make them feel good.

Your employees have their own strengths, skills, and backgrounds, and by taking the time to learn more about those backgrounds and recognize those strengths and skills, you can make them feel appreciated and cared about. All by taking the time to create a card on BeFunky.

Personalized Holiday Cards Are A Nice Touch

Most bosses and employees don’t interact that much unless something needs to be done or something needs to be fixed or fire needs to be put out. However, whenever you take the time to put a personalized card together it can be an example of an interaction that doesn’t have urgency around it or that isn’t fueled by the need to get things done.

They can also allow for the boss to get creative and have a little fun with the various cards, where the boss’s personality can shine through. So if you are making the cards and you’ve got a hidden artistic side or a hidden comedic side, let it shine through. Maybe your employees will appreciate it!

Make The Cards And Spread The Holiday Cheer

It might take a bit more time to make the cards since you are individually making them for each team member, but if you do it right and put the effort in, then your employees will appreciate the personal touch and you’ll be able to have some fun as the boss. If you’ve got a diverse team who does their jobs well, then put in the effort and make it work!

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