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Ensuring Compliance: 5 Pest Control Tips For Restaurants and Food Service Businesses

If you run a restaurant or any other kind of entity that includes food service as part of its business model, you probably know that staying on the lookout for pests is critical. Pests like mice, rats, roaches, and ants are all relatively common in the food service industry. In some parts of the country, you might run into other pests as well.

You can sometimes find residential pest control companies that also handle commercial properties, but you might have to find one that specializes in one or the other. In any case, if you’re running a business that serves food, you should know about these pest control tips that can help keep any insects or animals away from your supplies.

Arrange To Have The Premises Inspected By An Exterminator Regularly

The owners of some businesses

that serve food seem to think it’s okay to never get the premises inspected by an exterminator. Instead, they wait till they see pests before they call in a professional to do something about it.

If you serve food and you’re running a business, you owe it to your customers to have an exterminator inspect the premises regularly, even if you don’t necessarily see any pests. Exterminators might know about some signs of infestation that you may not be aware of.

Ensure You Make Your Food Supplies Difficult for Pests To Get To

You need to lock up your food supplies to make them as difficult for pests to get to as you possibly can. That usually involves keeping them in freezers, refrigerators, or pantries that you can shut up tightly.

If you’re not sure about how secure any of your food supplies are, talk to your exterminator about that when they come to visit every month. Ask them about any tips they have to make your supplies even safer and more secure from insects, rodents, and other pests.

If You See One Pest, Do Not Ignore It

If you spot one pest, like a single mouse, for instance, don’t assume they are alone. As an exterminator will tell you, seeing one pest is often an indicator that many more are already on the premises.

If you see a single pest, call your exterminator and have them do a thorough sweep of the establishment. Safe is definitely better than sorry in these instances.

Train Your Employees To Practice Sanitary Habits

Train your employees not to leave food out. If they put away any food and food-prepping materials after they finish each shift, that makes it less likely pests will come to investigate the premises after hours when no one is around.

Seal Up Any Means of Ingress

If you see any obvious crevices or cracks through which insects, rodents, or other pests might come, seal them up. There might also be means of ingress you can’t see, but dealing with the visible ones should be your first move.

These tips should help keep pests away from your food and ensure you have happy customers.

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