Petbulb; a Social Networking App for Pet Owners & Lovers

Keeping a pet is not just a fun thing, it is also a matter of great responsibility. Pets are dependent on you for complete care taking. Taking a good care of pets is one serious business, which requires time, money and most importantly the right knowledge.

Petbulb a mobile app developed specifically for pet lovers. With an aim to provide pet lovers with a meeting up place, where they can easily access people with similar pets and most importantly similar pet problems, Petbulb offers great connectivity and social interaction.

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Petbulb offers its valued users with the chance to learn from each other’s experiences valuable tips on saving veterinary bills, insurance, pet care services and keep track of all hot local businesses pet deals.

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If you have a pet, I would suggest you to give Petbulb a try, and if you are a seasoned pet owner, you can become an adviser and even avail the opportunity of owning 5% of Petbulb. Be part of first online social community for pet lovers, where you can get a chance to stay informed on your pet related community activities.

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Petbulb in Their Own Words:

Petbulb is a mobile app for pet owners with similar pets, breed or interests to connect and share information and fun and save on vet, insurance and pet care services. At Petbulb we believe pet owners can, and are already improving communities around the world; we believe pet owners are an uncommon breed. Join us Now! to build a community where we can support each other.


What brings Petbulb to the Spotlight:

It is a meeting up place for pet lovers to know about the best information on pet care. They can share helpful and fun pet videos on Petbulb and most importantly get chance to support and promote social causes for pets.


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