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5 Tips for Physically and Digitally Protecting Devices

There is a 1 in 10 chance that your laptop will get stolen — in fact, a laptop gets stolen every 53 seconds. The mobile phone statistics are even higher.

5 Tips for Physically and Digitally Protecting Devices

But that’s only one risk to your digital devices. You need to consider the risk of physical damage, as well as digital theft.

So how do you keep your valuables protected? Keep reading for five important tips for protecting devices.

1. Use Tracking Software 

If one of your devices is stolen, it’s not impossible to get it back. You can buy and install tracking software that will allow you to locate the stolen device and even communicate with whoever stole it or has possession of it.

These types of software also come with lockdown or wipe facilities allowing you to lock the phone and wipe it of all its data remotely.

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2. Password Protect Your Digital Devices

This seems like an obvious security measure for device protection, but it’s an important one. All your devices should be password protected to provide the first barrier to entering into your advice.

While password protection can be breached, it’s much more difficult if you use complex alpha-numeric passwords. Avoid repetitive and simple passwords.

3. Use Sleeves, Covers, and Enclosures for Physical Protection

It’s a no-brainer that having good sleeves, covers or plastic enclosures is important for protecting your devices and avoiding laptop damage. They provide an extra layer of protection in the case that you drop your device or when it’s stored in your home or bag.

It’s important to find cases that fit your device perfectly so that there is no space for the device to move around. A hardcover surrounding your device will protect it from dents, scratches, and damage on impact.

4. Use an Anti-Theft Backpack When Traveling with Devices 

Pickpockets and petty thieves are common throughout the world and are known to target tourists. If you’re traveling with devices, especially larger ones, such as a laptop or notebook, invest in an anti-theft backpack for peace of mind.

These differ from ordinary backpacks as they have special security features that make it difficult for someone to steal your things when you’re distracted or in a busy area.

These backpacks have an anti-theft lock, locking cables, and slash-proof or cut-resistant materials. Additionally, there are zippers and hidden pockets to securely store smaller devices.

5. Don’t Leave Devices Unattended in Public

When you leave your digital devices unattended you tempt thieves. It gives opportunists an opening to stealing the device or stealing the data. If you leave things in your car, put the devices in the glove box out of sight. Take extra care to not leave devices on the table at restaurants or in the restroom.

Are You Protecting Devices?

What are you doing to protect your digital devices and are there any of these tips for protecting devices that you could start employing in your life? Be aware of theft and take measures to protect your devices from physical damage so that you never lose your valuable assets.

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