Pick & Delivery Dry Cleaning Services Business

People lead busy lives in today’s world and what they crave the most is convenience. This is why Pick & Delivery Dry Cleaning Services Business can be very profitable. This type of work can be undertaken either alone or with employees. The owner can also either choose to acquire his own dry cleaning plant or sub-contract the work to another dry cleaning business while he himself only offers pick and delivery. The decision will be based on the scale the business wants to be started on.

Target Market:

The target market for this kind of business is extremely vast. Let’s admit who doesn’t get their clothes dry cleaned, at least once in a while?

  • Working women who prefer to send clothes etc for dry cleaning instead of doing the laundry themselves.
  • Men/women who have tailor-made suits that must only be dry cleaned.
  • Students who can afford to get their clothes dry cleaned.
  • People who have to get their quilts, curtains, duvets etc washed every season.
  • Established dry cleaning businesses that may just require your pick and drop services and vice versa.


Required Skills:

Skills required will depend on the nature and investment made in the business. Is it a Pick & Delivery Dry Cleaning Services Business that only provides pick and drop or dry cleaning services as well? For the former, all you need is an appropriate vehicle and a driving license. For the later, one should have the following things:

  • Proper dry cleaning plant and information about how to use it.
  • Knowledge of dry cleaning and which ingredients must be used for specific type of clothing.
  • Basic familiarity with dry cleaning machine in case it breaks down and an auto-repair shop is not nearby or is closed.
  • Time management skills since clients pay great emphasis on the punctuality of each delivery.


Pricing Your Pick & Delivery Dry Cleaning Services Business

Pricing of this type of business can be broken down in two parts.

Delivery services can be free within a certain distance if one is also providing dry cleaning services. Otherwise per mile/km cost can be charged.

Dry cleaning services are generally charged per clothing piece; so a quilt can be charged more as compared to clothes. This will have to be decided according to what other competitors are offering.

Looking forward to starting your own Pick & Delivery Dry Cleaning Services Business?

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