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Picsart Vs Photoleap: Which App Is Better For Creating Thumb-Stopping Social Media Posts?

Gone are the days when businesses need a well-paid graphics team to harness the power of visual marketing. Today, brands, bloggers, aspiring influencers, and everyone in between only need a phone with a capable camera to create standout visual content. That—and the right photo editing mobile app.

Photoleap and Picsart are among the most popular options. Let’s take a look at how they’re different from each other.

What Is Picsart?

Picsart is a graphic design, video editing, and social media content creation app rolled into one. With headquarters in San Francisco, the startup behind it has received a unicorn valuation, and the hundreds-strong team maintains offices in 20 markets around the world.

The app lets you combine text, graphical elements, filters, effects, and more to create brilliant visuals.


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You can also post and share your designs with the Picsart community within the app. This allows you to obtain valuable feedback from experienced Picsart users.

What Is Photoleap?

Photoleap is an iOS-exclusive photo editing app from Lightricks, the Jerusalem-based unicorn startup behind Videoleap, Facetune, and the Popular Pays platform for creator-brand collaborations.

The Photoleap app lets you achieve big-time results without too much effort. It features one-click effects, customizable templates, and step-by-step guided editors to help even beginners create professional-level photos within seconds.


Photoleap includes tons of in-editor learning resources for adjustment tools, effects, and more. Users can also explore the “Learn How” and “Get Inspired” sections for more design ideas.

Picsart: Create Images, Collages, and Videos for Social Media

The templates, camera features, and editing tools on Picsart all work great for social media. The entire app even looks and functions somewhat like a social media platform.

Explore the “Discover” page and search for reusable assets using hashtags. You can also find and follow other creators for a consistent stream of design inspiration.


To get Picsart followers yourself, build up your profile by posting personal projects. You can also join challenges or vote for winners in existing challenges.

You can do all this within the Picsart app.

picsart gallery

In the Picsart editor, start editing by choosing a photo, video, collage layout, templates, AI tools, and more.

For granular control over images, use the photo editor to access tools such as:

  • Crop
  • Dispersion
  • Clone
  • Stretch
  • Motion
  • Perspective
  • Tilt-shift
  • Resize
  • Flip and rotate image
  • Canvas photo prints

picsart edit

The Picsart photo editor’s other notable features include the following:

  • Retouch: Picsart has plenty of retouching tools to show human subjects in the best possible light. You can change hair colors, adjust details, remove wrinkles, whiten teeth, and more.
  • Photo effects: Instantly apply image effects like blur, sketch, color splash, duotone and dozens more for eye-catching social media posts. The effects’ density, fade and blending modes are also fully customizable.
  • Collages: Create clean and seamless collages easily with ready-to-use collage layouts. If you have something different in mind, use the “Freestyle” collage template to have complete control.
  • Video editor: Use a full-fledged video editor to create short-form video content for social media. Stitch clips together, add audio, apply effects, use automatic closed captions and more.
  • Social media content templates: Quickly whip up Instagram Stories, Facebook covers, Pinterest posts, or even YouTube videos using customizable templates. Make them yours with stickers, callouts and text overlays.

How much does Picsart cost?

Picsart has a free version that comes with basic photo and video editing tools. To unlock all creative features, you need to pay $11.99 per month or $55.99 per year ($4.66 per month).

Making the case for Picsart

  • All-around visual content creation and editing platform
  • Integrates with other Picsart tools (EFEKT, Picsart Color, etc.)
  • Provides customizable social media templates to streamline content development

Photoleap: The Easiest Way to Create Eye-Catching Visuals

Photoleap is a photography-focused app that lets you create show-stopping images with just a few taps. From the home page, it’s evident that Photoleap is designed to make photo editing as convenient and beginner-friendly as possible.

“QuickArt” lets you create original photography art without any design knowledge. Just pick a QuickArt style, select your image, and let Photoleap do the rest.


Besides QuickArt, Photoleap also features customizable templates from other creators. Beginners can use the “Learn How” section for step-by-step guides on using professional photo effects.

photoleap gallery

Behind these easy-to-use features, Photoleap packs a ton of powerful photo editing tools. You can adjust your photo’s exposure levels, contrast, sharpness, tonality curve, white balance, and more.

Photoleap also features multi-layer controls. It allows you to create professional, complex designs for social media.

photoleap text editor

Below are some of the Photoleap editor’s key features:

  • “Get inspired” templates: Check out a selection of editable designs by professional creators. Find a design you like and replace the elements to create something original.
  • Follow Photoleap creators: Look at the Photoleap galleries of other designers and photographers within the app. Borrow inspiration and discover the possibilities with the app’s robust toolset.
  • Diverse collage layouts: Create captivating collages instantly with pre-built layouts. Customize the frame, adjust the collage’s ratio, and shuffle your images with one tap.
  • Royalty-free assets from Unsplash: Spice up your designs with stock photos from professional photographers. These are great for backgrounds, textured overlays and custom sky effects.
  • Social-ready stickers: Add social media stickers easily to captivate your target audience’s attention and encourage action. Use stickers with CTA labels, such as “DM us,” “Swipe Up,” “Buy Now,” and more.

How much does Photoleap cost?

Photoleap’s pricing starts at $4.99 per month for unlimited access to all features. You can also purchase Photoleap with a one-time payment of $36.

Making the case for Photoleap

  • Truckloads of one-tap filters and advanced image effects that save hours of design work
  • High-powered editing tools for advanced users who need them
  • Generous supply of learning resources and references for beginners

Photoleap Vs Picsart: Which Is Better?

Both Photoleap and Picsart make professional-caliber photo editing possible even for beginners.

If you need an all-in-one app for photo and video editing, Picsart is the right choice. But if you don’t need a video editor, Photoleap is a notch above Picsart in terms of features, usability, and cost-effectiveness.

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