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How to Control Pigeon Population Growth in Las Vegas

Pigeon populations are growing in urban areas like Las Vegas for various reasons, such as the ready availability of food and water. Predators are rare in cities, and there are plenty of available nesting sites on window ledges, rooftops, etc. 

It is easy for a pigeon population to get out of hand, and when it does so, it can cause plenty of destruction and health problems. It is best to deal with it before the problem escalates. What is the best way to control a pigeon population in a city like Las Vegas?

Why are pigeon populations increasing in Las Vegas?

Pigeons do not need trees to breed, and the tall buildings in the city of Las Vegas provide ideal nesting sites for them. Food is plentiful throughout the city as humans leave scraps behind. Some of them also feed pigeons, although it is illegal to do so. 

It isn’t difficult for pigeons to find their way back to their nests through the maze of city streets due to their inbuilt homing instinct. Seeing an accumulation of droppings around your property is a sure sign that you have a pigeon problem. 

Once you recognize you have a pigeon problem, you need to take action or the problem will escalate and involve more costs over the long term. For pigeon control in Las Vegas, the OvoControl pigeon control program is the most effective and humane solution.

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You can reduce your pigeon population by 50% on an annual basis by using its proven formula offering ‘birth control’ for birds to interrupt the constant breeding and repopulation of a flock. 

Why is it so important to control pigeon population growth?

Pigeons do not migrate and will stay in the same location year after year. A mating pair of pigeons has up to two to three broods every year of one to two eggs each. This means it doesn’t take long for a pigeon population to grow. 

Pigeons can attract rats, ticks, and cockroaches. Their droppings contain corrosive acid that can cause damage to structures. Gutter drains can block up the build-up of debris caused by roosting flocks of pigeons. Their droppings also cause hygiene concerns and can carry diseases.

What can you do about pigeon population growth?

Food and water reduction: To stop attracting pigeons, it is important to remove all sources of food. Ensure that garbage bins are tightly sealed. If pigeons have no close by sources of food or water, they would rather nest in areas where they are available. 

Rather keep pet bowls indoors. 

Bird proofing and deterrents: Materials like bird netting can effectively close off certain areas such as balconies or wherever pigeons are not wanted. It provides a physical barrier they can’t cross. 

Pigeons look for flat surfaces for roosting and nesting. Wire spikes can prevent pigeons from landing on various surfaces where they’re not welcome. They are harmless to the birds and are inexpensive and easy to install. Bird slides over window ledges have the same purpose. 

Scare devices such as owl effigies can scare off pigeons. They only work for a limited period because as they become accustomed to them, they will ignore them. 

Application of sticky gel products can prevent pigeons from perching on certain areas, but constant re-application is necessary as dust and debris make them ineffective. They are also not selective, and other small birds can land on them and die. 

Reflective discs will work well in the presence of sunlight and wind. The reflection of the sunlight affects the vision of pigeons, and the sounds of the discs when they move in the wind are also a deterrent. 

Lethal control techniques: Out of frustration with a pigeon problem, people may want to resort to lethal control techniques such as shooting, trapping, or poisoning them. These techniques are inhumane and only have a limited effect due to the breeding capacity of the pigeons.

When a pigeon population is threatened by using lethal control techniques, it can accelerate the breeding process. The vacancies left by mature pigeons are quickly filled with immature birds. Trying to chemically control pigeons can be tricky as some birds may manage to fly off and suffer inhumane deaths after eating the bait. 


The presence of large pigeon populations in cities like Las Vegas can result in many problems. If you have a pigeon problem on your property, it is better to take care of it sooner rather than later, or it could get completely out of hand. 

Lethal control techniques are inhumane and don’t work well because pigeons breed prolifically, and this can even increase when they are under threat. Combined with exclusion and other non-lethal control techniques, pigeon contraception diminishes hatching rates, gradually limiting flock sizes and the problems associated with large numbers of pigeons. 


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