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What Are The Pillars Of An Effective Digital Strategy?

With technology, digitization is the new playing ground. Customers are shopping online. Transactions are now cashless. Also, digital marketing is a new way to reach the target audience with your brand messages and information. For this reason, any business seeking to thrive and succeed in this era must have a virtual presence.

However, an online presence does not guarantee results. You will reap from your online efforts if you have a concrete digital strategy. The strategy provides your venture with a road map and objectives it will need to achieve during the transition period. Also, it entails how you will acquire and retain customers. You will have ways to assess return on investment.

But for the strategy to deliver the above results, you must understand its pillars. An effective digital strategy has the following essential pillars:

Planning and management

The success of any strategy lies in planning and management. Digital strategies are no different. How well you do your planning will determine the results. Effective plan in the digital space calls for aligning all your business aspects. You need to have a concrete structure of how to implement it. Define your market segments and target audience.

Also, create a brand position you want to display in the market. Your strategy must also consider various integration and how you will align sales and marketing, technology, and available data. Getting these aspects right will set your business on the right digital transformation trajectory.

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Goal setting and assessment

What do you want to achieve in the digital world? You need to answer this question when creating a digital strategy. The answer will help you set the right goals and put in place measures to assess performance. This task can be challenging at times.

Here is where working with digital strategy consultants becomes ideal. These experts can help you have a clear strategy with SMART goals, key performance indicators, and reporting. A strong strategy needs these aspects to help you realize the desired objectives. So, your strategy will fail if you do not have well-defined goals and measuring metrics.


Your strategy must clarify the media you will use to get your message to the target audience. The media selection informs message crafting and content planning. Also, you need to have a goal for each media you pick.

Knowing the combination of media you will utilize in your mission is essential. You can go with paid, earned, or owned media to help you get your message to the right audience. This pillar is crucial as it helps you share a unified brand message. You will quickly get the audience on the same page regardless of the digital platform they use to access your brand.

User experience

User experience is important in the digital space. How a person feels when interacting with your online pages and apps determines their next course of action. Easy-to-use and navigate websites and apps will mean high engagement and superb user experience. The opposite will also be true. A complex user interface will discourage navigation. Such an interface will have little to zero actions.

A digital strategy should help you align your online business places with desired customer experience. You should have ways to work on your web and app designs to make them more user-friendly and responsive. Also, you need to clarify your customer service options. Users should get instant support to help them navigate your website and business apps without any challenges.

Brand Messaging

Messaging is the heart of your marketing operations in physical and digital spaces. The way you communicate to the target audience and customers determine their decisions. A good strategy must focus on messaging. It should enhance conversation and interactions between your business and target customers.

In essence, each means of interaction should help you realize a given objective. For instance, it can define email as the personalized information sharing means and chat as the option for engaging customers through the buying process and offering support. Social media can be for getting customer feedback and interacting with them. This way, you will gain tact and succeed in your mission.

Content development and sharing  

A digital strategy will fail if it does not incorporate content. Content marketing is the power gear for any digital strategy. You need to determine the type of content to share, the format, and the tools to utilize. Without high-quality and authentic content, you cannot achieve any results. So, ensure your digital strategy cover content marketing as part of its pillars.

Wrapping up

In this era, having a digital strategy is not a choice. You will need one if you dream of success in the virtual space. However, not every strategy will work for you. A good strategy must contain the above pillars to overcome challenges and tides in the digital arena. So, pay attention to them and consider some expert help when things get think.

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