Placeboard; Your Personal Assistant to Remember Your Favorite Places

You found a great Indian restaurant last month and today when you wanted to take your friends there, you literally forgot the location! That’s normal and almost all of us discover new every other day and forget them often.

Your Personal Assistant to Remember Your Favorite Places

Having an app that remembers places for you is an ideal solution to make most of your discoveries. Placeboard is one such effective solution that can remember places for you and find them later.

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Some already existing apps do claim to serve the purpose, but those are more social apps where you may not find accuracy. Placeboard is more focused on your private use and serves as your private place database. You don’t need an account; you can start using the app immediately without worrying about your privacy.

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As it’s not a social network, you won’t find the ratings, reviews or comments of other people, but it does have several features to share your favorite places. You can also create small private social networks and share collaborative place lists with people whom you invite.

A must have for business & leisure travelers, foodies, explorers and of course for professionals who spend more time on the go! Be the Beta user now to experience ease!

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Placeboard in Their Own Words:

Placeboard is a new way to remember places and share them with people you know. Use it in the city to remember shops, restaurants and many other places. Go in the wilderness and remember a mountaintop or camping spot.  Feel free to organize your places by tags, search what’s around you precisely, or change your mind with the best undo/redo support ever built into a mobile app. Create collaborative lists to which friends can contribute to, or share quickly by SMS, email, Twitter…

What Brings Placeboard to the Spotlight:

It’s simple, flexible, and offers a seamless user experience so you get the results with minimal effort.

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