Plan a Better Future with TimeTree – Calendar for Sharing

Everybody is busy with today’s sped up lifestyle and most of the times, we struggle to find time for friends and family. If you’re also struggling to find time for your friends and family, you are certainly not alone!

Developing an effective time-management strategy can help you upgrade your lifestyle within same budget and spend more time with your loved ones.

With an effective time management plan you can actually control of your free time and invest it in the activities that matter most for you and your family & friends.

For better time management plan you need to maintain a calendar, that is accessible right on your mobile. Simple calendar can work to some extent but you need to know the schedules of other important people too, so you can catch up.

TimeTree Calendar for private planning and sharing schedules is the app that can do such wonders for you. It’s a new type of calendar that can manage all of your plans while allowing you to connect to the necessary people at just the necessary times.

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It handles your plans as well as shares the plans of the people around you, i.e. friends and family, so everyone knows who is available when! Let it be a night out with friends or catching up with your family for holiday shopping, it’s all simple now!

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The App is available on Play store as well as on iTunes in English, Japanese, Korean and simplified Chinese, so no matter where in the world you live in, planning a better future is in your hands!

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Time Tree – Calendar for Sharing in Their Own Words:

Sharing calendars with your group is surprisingly simple now, i.e. to share a calendar, simply send its URL link. Each schedule features a communication space for posting text and videos making it easy to have a conversation, when planning events. The app keeps family, business, personal schedules and more, all in one convenient location.

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A calendar can be shared with up to 100 other users and one user can maintain several calendars at once. Compatibility with OS calendar, editing, notifications and a lot more features come with the app and it’s free to download on iOS / Android devices.

What Brings Time Tree Calendar for Sharing to the Spotlight:

The app is a perfect solution for common scheduling problems within families, friends, businesses, sports teams, and other such groups.

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