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The Best – and Most Innovative – Trends When It Comes to Planning a Big Corporate Event

Big corporate events and gatherings have made a definite comeback, and they are even bigger and more astounding than before! Perhaps it’s due to the fact that the pandemic is (virtually) over, and people are celebrating, but many new trends are coming into play as well. But corporate events are more than just a chance to be merry – they play a crucial role in establishing a company’s brand image, fostering connections, and showcasing achievements.

As the world of technology rapidly evolves, incorporating innovative trends has become essential to create memorable and impactful corporate events. So what are the best – and most innovative – trends when it comes to planning a large corporate event? Let’s explore them and find out.

Immersive projection mapping: captivate your audience like never before

Projection mapping is revolutionizing the event industry by transforming ordinary surfaces into captivating visual experiences. By projecting dynamic content onto various objects (such as buildings, stages, or even three-dimensional objects), you can create a truly immersive and engaging environment that leaves a lasting impression on your attendees. From showcasing branding messages to creating awe-inspiring visuals, projection mapping opens up endless possibilities to captivate your audience.

Augmented Reality: enhancing experiential engagement

As AV hire experts like PSP know very well, AR technology blends the real and digital worlds, offering a unique (and highly interactive!) experience for attendees. When you incorporate AR elements into your event, this can enhance engagement and create unforgettable moments.

For instance, you can use AR to provide interactive product demonstrations, conduct virtual guided tours, or even gamified experiences – all of which amplify attendee participation and leave a lasting impact.

Live streaming and hybrid events: connecting virtually

In the age of remote work and global connectivity, live streaming and hybrid events have become essential as they extend the reach of corporate gatherings. By integrating live streaming capabilities, you can enable remote attendees to participate virtually, ensuring inclusivity and maximizing attendance. Utilizing professional-grade AV equipment and platforms, you can deliver interactive Q&A sessions, high-quality streams, and seamless integration with social media platforms, allowing your corporate event to reach a global audience.

Interactive touchscreen displays

Many brands and companies have long utilized this, but it is truly effective at facilitating engaging interactions. Gone are the days of passive presentations, as interactive displays enable attendees to actively engage with content and enhance their overall event experience. You can take advantage of interactive booths, product showcases, collaborative workstations, and informative presentations, and the displays foster meaningful interactions, leaving attendees feeling more involved and connected.

AI-powered personalization: tailoring experiences

There is a lot of talk nowadays about AI, and AI is indeed transforming how we plan and execute corporate events. You can gather attendee data, preferences, and behaviors by leveraging AI algorithms to create personalized event experiences. From tailored recommendations and customized agendas to personalized networking opportunities, AI enables event planners to curate experiences that resonate with each attendee.

LED walls and video panels: dynamic visuals

LED walls and video panels have become a staple in modern corporate events, and these large-scale screens allow you to showcase high-resolution graphics, videos, and live feeds, immersing attendees in a visually captivating environment. Whether you use it as information displays, a stage backdrop, or interactive installations, LED walls and video panels add a touch of sophistication and modernity to any corporate event.

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