security guard company
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Planning to Start a Security Guard Company? Here’s What to Do

The security guard business is one of those that are always in high demand, therefore no wonder, many people look for opportunities to start their own company and grab a share of the hot pie.

It makes perfect sense because the number of companies and individuals seeking one or another type of security services is growing constantly, providing free space for the newbies in the industry. However, becoming an entrepreneur is never an easy task, especially if you want to succeed in what you are doing.

security guard company

The security business is not an exception, and if you want to set your company for a flying start, there are plenty of things to be considered. If you are planning to found a security guard company, here is everything you should know and what you have to do.  

Make A Plan

While many start their own business by thinking of a suitable name for the company, those who aim to set their venture for success, start with a plan. This is not to say, the name doesn’t matter. In fact, it does because if you manage to сome up with something unique, bright, eye-catching, and easy to remember, it will help your business at the very beginning to stay out of the crowd. However, a good plan can do a lot more for the well-being of your future business.

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If anything, a well-thought-out and sustainable plan can mean the difference between the closure after six months and a ten-year milestone. Apart from setting your initial budget (fortunately, these costs are truly minimal compared to other businesses) and considering all the available sources of funds, you will also need to research competition and current developments in the market. Make a list of questions and be sure you can answer all of them.

The target market? How much will you charge? Where will your office be located? Will your guards have their own uniforms and force equipment or provided by you? Do not forget the costs for all legal and regulatory issues, insurance, registering of your business entity. Well, you got the idea.  

Obtain The Certificate

It is great if you can brag about Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management, but if it is not the case, do not be desperate. You can also start your company with certificate II in Security Operations. As things stand now, it is better to obtain one in your state, which is also the most convenient option. Quite reasonably, someone who lives in Perth will choose security guard courses in Perth while someone from Sydney will look for opportunities in his or her city. Anyway, if you don’t have Cert II, this might be a problem, hence make sure to obtain it, all the more so, this education and training will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills you need for running a security company. security guard company

Secure The License

If you want to operate a security business, you will need a private security business license that covers services provided by security guards, investigators, bodyguards, crowd controllers, and private security trainers. The rules for obtaining the license can vary slightly from state to state but generally, they are the following:

  • you have to be at least 18 years old
  • a resident of Australia (or hold a visa with work rights)
  • not be insolvent under administration
  • not have been declared bankrupt within the preceding 5 years
  • not have been convicted of an indictable offense within the preceding 10 years
  • not have been found guilty of an indictable offense within the preceding 5 years that was not recorded
  • not have been convicted of any serious offense which makes you an unsuitable candidate to hold a private security license.

You will also have to undergo a police check and provide the following documents:

  • personal information forms for all relevant people connected to the business
  • details of your qualifications, competencies, training, knowledge, or experience
  • membership to an approved security industry organization
  • a certificate for public liability insurance

The great thing is that from January 2021 if you own a Security Master or Business License in one State or Territory in Australia,  it will be automatically recognized in all States and Territory in Australia. This is in accordance with the Trades Automatic Mutual License Recognition Review Plan announced in August 2020.   A sustainable business plan is vital for the success of your company while a certificate and license are mandatory for launching your project. Of course, starting your own business comes with plenty of other details but you will handle them easily.

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