Platforms Loved by the Creative Minds: The Top 5 Podcasting Sites of 2020

Podcasts are on the rise, because people love them. For those who are still not familiar with podcasting, a podcast is an audio file available via technology, typically presented in a series or episode format and centered around a specific theme.

If you are a micro blogger and want to make most out of your time, you may consider adding podcasts to provide a fresh perspective to your audience and increase engagement.

If you have decided to tell your story and create a podcast, these are the top five podcasting sites of 2020. Take a look and see if they work for you. 

1- Wix Podcast Player 

There are many options on the internet for Podcast Hosting Sites. One of the easiest to work with is Wix Podcast Player. Although not a conventional hosting platform, it provides the user with a superb end product. 

The initial setup of your podcast is not complicated. You enter the URL of your podcast’s RSS feed, and the Player takes it from there. The Player creates pages with your logo, episodes, and graphics, which then convert to a format easily accessible by all of your listeners.

Each episode is its own computer file, yet the style and design remain the same across the series. It is customizable to blend with your Wix website seamlessly. Wix Podcast Player is free, including limitless extras. Key features of Wix Podcast Player include: 

  • A single location for podcast and website 
  • Easy connectivity 
  • Quick creation of content 
  • Free hosting 

2- Libsyn 

Libsyn has been around since the beginning of podcasting. It remains one of the best due to its excellent features and reasonable price, with plans starting as low as $5 per month. Your storage requirements dictate the cost of the plan. 

Libsyn is competitive with other podcast hosting services in terms of features and pricing. What puts them at the front of the pack is their positive track record over many years. It is a proven commodity. Key features of Libsyn podcast hosting include: 

  • Custom mobile app and mobile-friendly Player 
  • Synchronization with YouTube 
  • Cutting edge analytics 

3- SoundCloud 

SoundCloud is best known for its focus on music. However, it has also become a top podcast hosting site with little or no effort due to its popularity. 

Despite its fame, SoundCloud may not be the best for everyone. For example, the analytics are weak and do not give you a good picture of the podcast’s strengths and weaknesses. Key features of SoundCloud podcast hosting include: 

  • Reasonable prices, including a free plan option 
  • Links can be embedded directly into Twitter cards 
  • Ability to add timed comments 

4- PodBean 

PodBean is similar to Wix Podcast Play in that it is very user-friendly, providing an intuitive and straightforward platform. These features allow you to create and manage your podcast with minimal effort or technology skills. Two unique and attractive features of PodBean are its crowdfunding option, enabling you to receive money from your listeners, and your availability on their network. 

PodBean offers a free version that includes five hours of audio per month, 100GB of bandwidth, and other basic options. However, for a beginner, either of the first two paid versions is a better choice. Key features of the paid PodBean podcast hosting versions include: 

  • Podcast monetization 
  • Integration with Alexa 
  • Business podcasting 

5- Spreaker 

Spreaker is another user-friendly site that produces professional-quality podcasts. One unique feature of Spreaker is that it allows you to start a live podcast stream as often as you want, without limitations, each day. The length of each stream is determined by the plan you choose. 

Spreaker also offers a free plan, like most of the other options, and increases depending on your needs. The initial paying plan, called “On-Air Talent,” allows you to sync with iHeartRadio and Spotify. Key features of the paid Spreaker podcast hosting versions include: 

  • The ability to chat while live streaming 
  • Nationwide radio sync 
  • Ad-free pages 

Wrapping it Up

Check out these five podcasting sites, as there is likely a good match for your needs and budget. However, if you still want to look further, other good options include Buzzsprout, Simplecast, Transistor, Captivate and Audioboom.