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Best Debt Advice UK Top 5 Platforms To Connect With Debt Advice (2023)

Debt advice is an invaluable source of information and guidance when dealing with unaffordable debt. It’s never too early or late to seek debt advice to help you find a practical solution to resolve your debts and positively impact other areas of your life.

Financial distress is a significant cause of anxiety and depression, but you can improve your situation and quality of life with debt advice. The right debt advice UK from legitimate debt advice service providers can help you avoid bad actors who can worsen your situation.

A quick search for UK debt advice will present you with a myriad of options like debt consolidation advice, debt-free advice, money debt advice, advice on debt, and council tax debt advice. Knowing which debt advice expert to trust can be an uphill task.

All debt advice solicitors must be FCA-approved to offer debt advice in the UK, and it ensures you get the correct information when looking for debt help and advice. Below we present the top platforms you can use to connect to qualified debt advice providers in the UK who can give you authorized debt legal advice to help get your finances back on track.

Best Platforms To Connect With Debt Advice Providers – Quick Overview

  • Viva Debt Help: Overall Best Platform With Debt Advice UK for Debts up to £30000+
  • Help My Debts Pro: Best Place for Obligation-Free Debt Advice
  • Debt Nurse: Best Debt Advice Service to Contact You Directly Regarding Your Outstanding Debts of £5000+
  • 123 Debt Fix: Best Place for UK Debt Advice to Freeze Interest and Fees on Arrears

Best Platforms That Connect Individuals with Qualified Debt Advice Providers – Reviews

Viva Debt Help: Overall Best Platform With Debt Advice UK for Debts up to £30000+

If you’re struggling with debts of up to £30000 or more, Viva Debt Help can help you get much-needed relief. Although it doesn’t offer debt advice, it provides a fast and easy process to request advisors contact you with debt advice UK for debts up to £30000+. You only need to complete an online no-obligation form with information on your debts and give Viva Debt Help consent to match you with a qualified FCA-approved debt advisor. You’ll get a quick response from a debt advisor who will contact you to help find a suitable solution for reducing your debt based on your financial situation, income, and monthly outgoings. The entire process is confidential, and you’re not obligated to accept or proceed with the solution provided.

Highlights of Connecting With Qualified Debt Advice UK Providers

  • Fast and easy process
  • Zero obligation
  • Confidential 
  • Get help from an FCA-approved debt advisor
  • Quick response

Pros of Getting Debt Advice UK

  • Impartial advice
  • Avoid getting into a debt cycle
  • Find a suitable solution to become debt-free

Cons of Getting Debt Advice UK

  • It may not be ideal for all debts

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Viva Debt Help >>

Help My Debts Pro: Best Place for Obligation-Free Debt Advice

Anyone can call themselves a debt advisor, but when you apply with Help My Debts Pro, you can rest assured that you’re connecting with qualified advisors offering obligation-free debt advice. Help My Debts Pro vigorously checks the credentials of any advisor they partner with and ensures they’re authorized and regulated by the FCA to offer debt counseling. Instead of providing debt advice, the platform offers a quick and hassle-free process to access a qualified advisor. Help My Debts Pro is super transparent and will only forward your details to a suitable advisor with your consent. Thanks to a stringent privacy policy, you don’t have to worry about your data and information security when using the platform.

Highlights of Getting Obligation-Free Debt Advice from Qualified Debt Advisors

  • Get connected to a qualified advisor regulated by the FCA
  • Quick and hassle-free process
  • Transparent terms and procedures
  • Stringent privacy policy
  • No pressure to proceed

Pros of Obligation-Free Debt Advice  

  • Peace of mind from creditors
  • Reduce monthly debt payments
  • Get a clear path to debt freedom

Cons of Getting Obligation-Free Debt Advice

  • It may require strict budgeting.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Help My Debts Pro >>

Debt Nurse: Best Debt Advice Service to Contact You Directly Regarding Your Outstanding Debts of £5000+

Debt Nurse champions careful money management and is one of the best places to indicate you’d like a debt advice service to contact you directly regarding your outstanding debts of £5000+. When outstanding debts are breathing down your neck, and you don’t know what to do, the platform can give you fast access to a qualified debt advice provider who can help you find a suitable solution.Debt Nurse doesn’t provide debt advice, but it offers a convenient online process where you can capture your debt details and give permission for your information to be forwarded to an FCA-approved advisor who can help you. You can rely on Debt Nurse to get you a suitable match who can provide full details of your options to help you make an informed decision. 

Highlights of A Debt Advice Service Contacting You Directly

  • Get help with debts of £5000 and more
  • Access qualified debt advice providers
  • Convenient online process
  • Reliable 
  • Fast applications

Pros of Using a Debt Advice Service

  • Get breathing space from creditors
  • Freeze your interest rates and charges
  • Get an affordable debt solution

Cons of Using a Debt Advice Service

  • Some creditors may not agree.

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of Debt Nurse >>

123 Debt Fix: Best Place for UK Debt Advice to Freeze Interest and Fees on Arrears

It’s now easier than ever to access UK debt advice from qualified providers thanks to 123 Debt Fix. Although it doesn’t offer debt advice, many previous customers praise it as one of the best places to request further UK debt advice to freeze interest and fees on arrears. It simplifies the process of connecting to FCA-approved debt solutions providers who can help relieve the pressure of overindebtedness. You only need to complete an easy-to-follow no-obligation online form with your debt details and give permission for 123 Debt Fix to forward your details to a suitable solutions provider regulated by the FCA. You’ll get a fast response and a practical solution that can help freeze the interest and fees on arrears to avoid getting deeper into debt. 

Highlights of Requesting UK Debt Advice To Freeze Interest and Fees on Debt

  • Easy online application
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Very professional
  • Quick access to FCA-approved debt solutions providers
  • Fast responses

Pros of Using UK Debt Advice Providers

  • Freeze debt payments, interest, and fees
  • Write off certain debts 
  • Avoid going into bankruptcy

Cons of Using UK Debt Advice Providers

  • You may need to freeze your bank account

Click Here to Visit the Official Website of 123 Debt Fix >>

How Did We Choose The Best Debt Consolidation Advice Providers of 2023?

When choosing the best debt consolidation advice providers, we considered the following factors:

  • Fast online processes 
  • Zero obligation applications and debt advice
  • Quick access to approved debt advice providers regulated by the FCA
  • Guaranteed privacy and security of user information
  • User-friendly platforms with accessible applications.

Types of Debt Consolidation Advice Solutions

You can choose from various debt consolidation advice solutions for different types of debt:

IVA Money Debt Advice 

IVA money debt advice involves formal, legally binding agreements with creditors to pay all or part of your debts. It allows you to make affordable payments towards your debts over an agreed period, and the interest and charges are frozen during this time. Any outstanding unsecured debt gets written off after successful completion. 

Money Debt Advice For a Debt Relief Order

Money debt advice for a debt relief order involves a solution for clearing your debts if you owe £30,000 or less and have relatively few assets and little income to spare. It’s a cheaper and better alternative to bankruptcy if you qualify. It freezes debt payments for 12 months, and if your situation doesn’t improve, the debts included get discharged. 

Money Debt Advice For Debt Management Plans

Monet advice for debt management plans involves an informal agreement between you and your creditors to make smaller repayments than initially agreed, easing the pressure of high monthly payments. It allows you to repay your debts based on what you can afford each month. 

What Is A Service For Advice on Debt, and How Does It Work?

A service for advice on debt helps overindebted individuals find suitable solutions for settling their debts. They’re ideal for anyone overwhelmed by debt and can’t figure out how to get their finances back on track. Not all services for advice on debt are legitimate, so it’s vital to ensure you only work with an FCA-approved provider authorized and qualified to provide debt counseling. The best service for advice on debts works by assessing your debts and determining the most appropriate debt solution based on your financial situation, income, and monthly outgoings. They can also negotiate with creditors for reduced rates, manage creditor payments on your behalf and keep track of what you’ve paid and what you owe. 

Features and Factors To Expect When Getting Advice on Debt

You can expect the following features and factors when getting advice on debt:

Council Tax Debt Advice

If you’re struggling with high council tax debt, you can get advice on how to repay it in affordable payments or have it written off. 

Guidance From a Debt Advice Expert

A debt advice expert will guide you in managing your finances and settling your debts in the most practical way based on your circumstances. Such guidance can help relieve financial distress, improve your mental well-being by giving you peace of mind from creditors, and help you avoid falling into debt cycles. 

Debt Advice Expert Assists with Freezing Interest and Fees

Debt advice experts can provide solutions that stop creditors from charging further interest or fees on your debts to ensure you don’t get further into debt. 

Debt Advice Solicitors Available for Legally Binding Agreements

Legally binding agreements ensure that creditors adhere to the agreed terms and cannot take any action against you either by going to court or petitioning to make you bankrupt. They also cease all communication or harassment and must deal with the debt advice solicitor handling your case. 

What is Covered by Debt Solutions Provided by Debt Advice Solicitors? 

Debt solutions provided by debt advice solicitors cover all kinds of debt from £5,000 to £30,000 or more. These can include credit cards, overdrafts, loans, hire purchase or conditional sale agreements, buy now pay later agreements, business debts, benefits overpayments, and arrears on rent, utility bills, telephone bills, council tax, and income tax. 

Costs When Accepting Solutions Provided Through Debt Advice Free From Obligation

You can expect various costs depending on the type of solution you choose. These can include set-up fees, management fees, or monthly fees. The fees usually cover the administration costs like communicating with the various creditors, negotiating terms, and setting up meetings. All FCA-approved providers must be transparent and honest about the costs involved. 

3 Steps To Apply For Debt Advice Solutions

You can apply for debt advice solutions through 3 easy steps at Viva Debt Help:

Step 1: Complete The Online Form to Receive Debt Advice Free from Obligation 

Spend a few minutes filling in the information on your debts on the online no-obligation form. It’s very confidential and secure and comes with no commitments. 

Step 2: Receive A Call From An FCA-Approved Provider of Debt Advice in the UK

Viva Debt Help will connect you with a qualified FCA-approved debt advisor who will contact you to discuss your situation and options and guide you through the process. 

Step 3: Determine The Right Debt Reduction Plan For You

You’ll then need to decide the best solution to help you reduce your debt from the options provided and allow the advisor to help you set it in place. You don’t have to choose any of the options provided if you don’t want to.


Can I Get Council Tax Debt Advice Solutions?

Yes! If you have high council tax arrears, a qualified debt advice solutions provider can help you find the best solution that allows you to pay less or not pay at all, depending on your situation. For example, they can set up a debt relief order and have it written off after 12 months. 

Can I Get Debt Advice in UK Anonymously?

Yes! You can anonymously get debt advice in the UK by applying through any of the platforms reviewed above. They feature strict confidentiality and only forward your debt details to an approved provider. You’re also not obligated to accept recommended solutions or proceed with any provider. 

Will Seeking Debt Help and Advice Affect My Credit Score?

No. Seeking debt help and advice will not affect your credit score. Your credit score can only be impacted by various debt solutions that can appear on your credit file. 

Can Creditors Disagree with Debt Legal Advice Solutions?

Some creditors may object to debt legal advice solutions on specific grounds. These can include errors in the information provided, missing details, or if you or the debt don’t qualify for the debt legal advice solution. 

Which Is the Quickest Solution to Become Debt-Free Advice?

One of the quickest solutions to becoming debt free is a debt relief order lasting 12 months. If your situation doesn’t change within this period, all the qualifying debts get written off. However, you may not be able to include all your debts and must meet the eligibility criteria. 


Being in debt is not necessarily a problem, provided you can manage your repayments comfortably. Getting debt advice from qualified debt solutions providers can help you learn how to manage your debt effectively and regain control if you’re struggling with excessive debt. You can access some of the best FCA-approved debt advice solutions providers by applying through Viva Debt Help. Simply follow a few simple steps and speak to a friendly advisor today!OTHER GUIDES:

Disclaimer: All debt solutions should be very carefully considered. The websites advertised in this paid promotion do not provide debt advice. If you complete the form and provide permission to be referred, they will pass your details onto a regulated debt advice solution provider.

All the partners they use are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide debt counseling. The websites advertised work exclusively with trusted debt solution providers.

If you proceed with one of their solution options, they may receive a fee for introducing you to them. The websites advertised are lead generation companies that pass your details onto third parties in order to help you with your debt solution.

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