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How to Play M4A Music on Android Devices: A Complete Guide

Not many people pay attention to the audio format of their files, especially when the standard MP3 is the most common one that’s supported on almost every player out there.

If your job requires you to actually work with audio files, the question of which audio format to choose can be a pesky one, especially if you are expecting the files to be mastered.

Since MP3 is android or window’s default audio format, Apple came up with one of its own, the M4A (MPEG-4).

How to Play M4A Music on Android Devices: A Complete Guide

Many people believe it to be the successor of the MP3 format. All purchases that you make on iTunes or the audio are included in apps in the iOS store.

If you generally deal with M4A audio files and have an android device, the process may not be as straightforward as it would be with MP3 files.

In this article, we’ll be providing you with a complete guide on how to play M4A files on Android devices.


Both MP3 and M4A files are compressed lossy files, which means that they aren’t the best formats for someone who would like to edit the files or mix the music on a mixer.

For the average user, compressed lossy formats can be a great type of files because they don’t take a lot of space and they’re also supported by the majority of players. If you are able to choose an audio format, we recommend going with M4A because it offers higher bandwidth and details in the same settings. M4A files are also smaller in size than their counterpart.

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Fortunately, both file types are now playable on the majority of desktop and mobile devices. If you have an old device or your device just won’t play one of them on its default setup, you might want to use 3rd-party tools.

Using iTunes

One of the quickest and fastest ways to convert a file to MP3 is by using Mac’s own player.Since you won’t need to download any software or use third-party converters to convert M4A to MP3, it should be a relatively quick process.

If you’re on a Mac, launch the iTunes app. Then go to Preferences and look for Import Settings, which should be under Files. Change the settings and choose the MP3 Encoder.

Import the M4A files then go to File, convert, and finally create the MP3 version. The old file will remain there and a new MP3 file will be added to your library. It’s now possible to listen to the audio file on your android device.

App Conversion

It is possible to make the process of conversion from M4A more convenient by using a specific app.

When you’re converting audio formats, it’s important to use an app that ensures that the quality remains the same. A lot of converters may not provide you with the same bitrate or cause loss of information within the audio itself, making it not as enjoyable.

Try to opt for apps that have a good market reputation. Since both MP3 and M4A formats are popular, finding a good app shouldn’t be that hard.

Online File Conversion

Instead of having to install apps, wasting time, effort, and storage, you can resort to a much simpler solution. There are many websites that offer the ability to convert your file to MP3 format.

ZAMZAR, for example, is an online website that offers the feature of online file conversion in just 3 simple clicks. All you need is to upload the file, clicking on the “convert” button, then download your file in M4A format.

There are other websites that offer the same service with added features such as being able to cut the file and only transform the cut version.

Directly Playing M4A on Android

Converting iOS audio files to MP3 before playing them on android can sometimes be a time-consuming task for those who want to immediately listen to M4A files.

A lot of android devices may not be able to directly play M4A unless it’s supported by the device OS itself.

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The best way around this is to use a third-party audio player that can play the M4A format. The most common options are VLC and Google Play Music apps. Using a third-party player comes with many benefits, such as equalizers, playlists, lyrics, timers, and many other options that can make the listening process more convenient.

Whatever audio format you tend to use, the last thing you want to happen is to find yourself unable to listen to your music because the format is unsupported by your device.

Make sure that you are able to play M4A files on your android device by converting them to MP3 or by using a native application that can play them directly.


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