Play Smart with Exvision’s Gesture UI

There is no dearth of gesture UI products available in the market; however none of the product has established itself as a main stream product or started a SmartTV revolution. The reason for this may be many ranging from technical incompetency, high cost or lack of supporting eco system.

Thus, there is a need of a product that overcomes all these obstacles and brings in an effective and useful SmartTV revolution.

ZKOO by Exvision is one of the most advanced gesture tracking camera that you will come across. A wide range of host devices including PC, OTT Box, Smart TB, Set Top Box etc. are supported by ZKOO.

zkoo main image

This breakthrough technology born in Japan, uses a high speed vision, which provides video at a much higher frame rate as compared to the normal video. Users can now play their favorite games at its best using the gesture play hands features.

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This intelligent platform is useful not only for gamers but developers as well. The Gesture UI is truly redefining the way the games are played till now and the way we want Smart TV to be!

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Exvision in Their Own Words:

Exvision has made the world’s most advanced gesture tracking camera ZKOO that works with a broad range of host devices including PC, Tablet, Set Top Box, OTT Box, Game Console and Smart TV. Since it does not require game to be modified, out of the box, user can gesture-play hundreds of existing games and apps.

What Brings Exvision to the Spotlight:

Exvision’s ZKOO offers a technically mature, cost effective, and eco friendly solution with the advantage of Hi-Speed Vision technology.

Exvision Website: