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Plumlytics: The Social Marketing OS to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing

In today’s world of Digital Media; if you are not taking Social Media Marketing serious, you are actually not taking your startup serious!

Well, Social Media Marketing is not just about updating the Social Profiles for your business and run some paid ad campaigns, it’s a complete systematic approach to plan and execute campaigns according to your business needs and then analyze each and every campaign on the basis of various factors, i.e. reach, engagement, demographics, interests and lot of other things.

For those who are really serious about result oriented Social Media Marketing, Plumlytics is here. It’s a predictive analytics based Social Marketing OSTM. So, if you are actually thinking of measuring better ROI of your Social Media Marketing efforts, you must have this tool in the plan.

Plumlytics claims to be using advanced algorithms that can help you predict what your prospects and potential customers talk about, their likes and dislikes, and even what they are looking for. Using the tool you can also predict the best time to engage users and can also holistically discover conversations that keep your audience engaged!


Plumlytics in Their Own Words:

Plumlytics helps you unlock key insights through our proprietary sentiment and intent algorithms so you are able to communicate faster and smarter across social channels that matter. Until today, robust social listening and analytics tools were only available to big brands and often require comprehensive data analysis to make sense of the information.

Our goal is to continuously refine our offering through the most advanced scientific techniques available, you benefit from 8 years of research on the subject by leading behavioural and predictive scientists.

What Brings Plumlytics to Spotlight?

There are lot of Social Media Management Tools available that help you in publishing, but Plumlytics has come up with some powerful features to let you listen and engage your target audience!


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