Pool Cleaning Services Business

Pool Cleaning Services Business can be a profitable source of income, especially entrepreneurs who start this business in an area with warm climate or with frequent seasonal disruptions like thunderstorms and winds.  But it does require more investment as compared to the other cleaning service businesses , i.e. residential cleaning business, commercial cleaning business, windows and outdoor cleaning business etc and perhaps more physical strength too.

Target Market:

The demand for such a business is exponential. Swimming pools are a great people attraction, specially in the summers. So much so that even some modern houses have built-in pools.

  • Apartment buildings that generally have pools.
  • Exclusive clubs that provide swimming pools to their members.
  • Residential units that have built-in pools.
  • Schools, universities and even some offices.


Required skills/Equipment:

  • Excellent physical health.
  • Sufficient investment to buy pool cleaning equipment and relevant chemicals. Try to get your hands on environment friendly products to give you an edge over the competition.
  • The required license or certification. Get in touch with your local authority for more information.
  • Be a swimmer for obvious reasons.


Pricing Your Pool Cleaning Services Business

How the clients are charged will vary on each negotiation, specially since this business will be a startup. The pool cleaning services can either be charged per job or on monthly contractual basis. For example, each cleaning service provided can be charged separately, or if the client has hired the startup for a certain period of time, then the contract will have to stipulate the price charged after mutual consent of both parties.


Interested to start your own Pool Cleaning Services Business?

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