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5 Popular Types of Ranked Direct Marketing

Did you know that around 68% of marketing experts now prefer to mix digital and direct mail techniques? In a world of constant online advertising, direct mail can provide a unique personal touch.

5 Popular Types of Ranked Direct Marketing

But do you know which methods are the most likely to turn leads to sales?

There are several options to choose from. Read on as we discuss the must-know types of direct marketing.

1. Telemarketing

Telemarketing is the process of speaking to clients over the phone to convert leads to sales. There are two types of direct marketing using phones. Inbound is when the customer calls your staff to discuss a service or product and outbound is when you call them.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing has lost some of its effectiveness, but with the right conditions can work extremely well. The problem is that many people are bombarded with emails, either in work or personal inboxes. This means emails need to really stand out.

Make sure you send emails infrequently. They need some attention-grabbing headings and offer something of real value to everyone you send.

3. Text Marketing

Text marketing is when a company sends out an SMS to its potential or current customers. It often contains news about new services or special offers. It is extremely cost-effective and provides an excellent return on investment.

It works well, as most people read their text messages, often more so than email. You can allow services where people can reply, or even include web links to take them to specific landing pages.

4. Direct Mail

There was a time when direct mail seemed to be finished. Endless reams of junk would end up in your mailbox which was ignored, and then the email came along and it dried up. However, direct mail is now something of a novelty and done right, can have a huge impact.

Direct mail can be as simple as a letter or postcard, to a full catalog or brochure. There are numerous print companies online, some of which will even design and post your items directly.

5. Social Media Marketing

One of the most popular types of direct marketing today is social media marketing. It comes out on top, as it gives you a direct path to the potential lead. You can give them content, updates, and offers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One of the main benefits is that usually, the customer comes to you. All of that data, including what they like and the groups they join, is stored. This means you can often target people not just directly, but extremely specifically.

Choosing Types of Direct Marketing

The types of direct marketing you choose should be planned carefully. Use data on your clients to decide the best method. Before committing to a large campaign, do some smaller A/B testing to ensure you get the desired outcome.

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