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Post Videos & Get Video Responses with Flyreel

It was 200 BC, when people used to send messages along the Great Wall of China through smoke signals and that is reported to be the first ever communication technology! Things kept on evolving from carrier pigeon to telegraph, landline phones to dial up internet and finally we are living in a hyper communicative world!

With the evolved technologies we have become more expressive; we want faster, responsive and more effective communication whether it’s a discussion with a group of friends or general public. Videos are great to express yourself; but responding to videos has not been that exciting so far, as the text comments do not show the body language, facial expressions and so cannot serve as a better reply overall.

Let it be challenging your friends for an ice bucket or a new music video, you can express yourself at best with Flyreel; a social video app that lets you post videos and get video responses, publicly or privately and you can watch the videos and responses stitched together as reels. You can follow others and add add responses to their videos as well.


Let it be sharing moments with others, challenging your friends, sharing ideas, getting feedback or demonstrating the unique skills or talent, do it with Flyreel.


Flyreel in Their Own Words:

The only way to respond to content online is by writing a text comment or by clicking a like button. You never get to see or hear the person’s reaction or sentiment as they respond to things. Flyreel delivers a new way to interact with people using video.


Flyreel is an iOS app that lets people post videos that others can add-on to. People are already using Flyreel for things like guitar battles, getting answers to questions, starting movements, and even just video chatting with friends. The app is available for free in the App Store.

What Brings Flyreel to the Spotlight:

More expressive and interactive communication!

Flyreel Website:

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