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Postly; a Simple, Private & Fast Social Network

The world seems to get smaller and smaller, as the communication and information travel faster and faster. This is how the social networking has changed our lives and today we are living in a social media obsessed world.

The world where it is obsessed with social media, most of the people are not so excited to compromise on their privacy or else to get notified about irrelevant and unimportant stuff.

If you are seeing too many links and photos in your Facebook news feed about people you’ve never heard of, it’s certainly not a good idea to waste time there. Too much stuffed newsfeed is the number one trigger to waste time in social networking and thus you end up missing many important updates from friends as well as day to day tasks.

For meaningful social networking with friends, it should be something private, faster and simple, that’s what Postly aims to offer. With three simple features; threads, groups, and stories, you can enjoy social networking at its best.

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Share anything that you want to, photos, video, music, location, or text in any way you want. You can share content privately with one-on-one threads or in private groups. Further, say goodbye to crowded feeds, and hello to simple and organized stories.

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Postly in Their Own Words:

Postly is designed with a focus on simplicity, privacy and speed. It’s a new and more personal social network that lets you share links, text, music, photos, and video directly with your friends in a simplified social graph. Social networking should be about friends, not endless news feeds.

Today most people dislike the Facebook feed and the noise and irrelevancy that comes with broadcast social networks. Postly was specifically created to solve these issues and give us all the social network we want.

What Brings Postly to the Spotlight:

Getting back to more relevant and meaningful communication between close friends and family.

Postly Website:

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.