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PowearIN2.0; World’s First Modular Multipurpose Travel Jacket

You may not want to stay organized all the time, but you’ll certainly want to be most organized while traveling. Staying organized is the only way to make most out of your trip. Traveling to explore a new place is exciting, but you can never be sure about the unknown place, i.e. what you are going to run into, what you are going to need on your adventures, etc.

And, getting caught unprepared is the worst nightmare; you have a power bank at home which you could have carried in your pocket, but you forgot!

PowearIN2.0 makes travelers’ lives easier than ever before, by allowing them to carry all important items they need for trip, right in one jacket!

powearin main image

The world’s first modular multipurpose jacket is loaded with 20 smart storage rooms and 40+ modular functions to let you travel worry free. Available in two styles and five colors, the sleek design maintains your graceful style on all your trips! Carry all important gadgets, keys, travel documents, accessories, charge your devices smartly and make sure you never miss any awesome moment.

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Modular design, smart storage, smart charging, sleek design, affordable price and what not! I bet, you won’t find a better travel jacket than this one!

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The jacket is made of the highest quality fabric which is DWR (durable water repellent) yet machine washable.

Since one size cannot fit all, you need to specify your size to help the startup build a size chart. Pre-order today to get your modular multipurpose travel jacket in October 2016. Then, you can go for a battery-heated jacket that can keep you warm and cozy throughout the freezing winter months, especially when you’re working outdoors, trekking or hunting in the woods with friends. And, one such revolutionary product by the name of GAMMA is brought to you by “Wear Graphene”, which is the manufacturer of the world’s best-heated jacket for men & women.

But in case you have extra gadgets and other things to bring with you. You can match your travel jacket with durable and well-made modular camera bags. It’s a combination of convenience, fast access, and chic design, one of these best camera bags will satisfy all your needs.

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PowearIN2.0 in Their Own Words:

Now, with the PowearIN2.0 Modular Multipurpose Travel Jacket, you will be prepared for everything anytime you leave your house. This is the world’s first modular multipurpose travel jacket, and it’s going to change the way we look at travel fashion. “I didn’t have enough room” will no longer be a valid excuse. You will always have enough room. You will always have more than enough room, in fact, to carry everything you need and a little extra while you’re at it. This is the future of travel wear. It’s making adventures accessible for a 21st-century lifestyle.

What Brings PowearIN2.0 to the Spotlight:

The innovative idea, premium design, cost, and usability.

PowearIN2.0 Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.