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The Power Of Instagram for Your Business

Instagram nowadays is more than just a social network for sharing pretty pictures: it’s a robust network to get your business off the ground (or to upgrade it at least).

The Power Of Instagram for Your Business

Of course, excellent visual content is still Instagram’s strong point, and it also influences sales because beautiful images are number one in attracting customers.

No matter how you learn to grow your business, whether it’s business development with or your own robust way of growth, it’s essential to be clear about your goals and, of course, your audience.

If the targets are set, and the audience profile is outlined, I suggest taking a deeper look at the power of IG in your future business growth.


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Why is the Insta platform so trendy with start-ups and established businesses alike?

More and more users

With over 1 billion active users, half of which are business accounts, you can imagine what a great chance you have to get more people to know you. Among so many users, you may come across not only clients but also like-minded partners, influencers, and of course, even competitors who will each time encourage you to improve your business strategy.

According to the Investopedia article, Instagram has more mobile users, which positively impacts traffic and the use of the web in everyday life. The influencers benefit from this: the chance of more users seeing their ads increases dramatically.

Buy-on-the-spot feature

The developers didn’t hesitate to update sales opportunities on the platform. Since Insta has proven itself a powerful source of targeting audiences and customers, the Instagram team decided to make the buying process easier.

There is now a Shop tab and even the possibility for post creation, including a product tag, which links to the catalog with descriptions, prices, and opportunities to shop right now.

Valuable content source

IG is an endless stream of inspirational, motivational, educational, and entertaining content. The only downside is that it doesn’t have its own Instagram dm video saver to upload media content directly from DMs or the news feed (okay, it’s pretty logical).

You can place your favorite influencer videos into the Insta “Saved” folder but not into your phone’s gallery. Saving a quality video to enjoy it later and without the Internet is sometimes beneficial for you and your business.

Well, it’s not a big deal because you can use other Instagram download video ways (screen recording, for example) or Instagram dm video saver tools to download content into a phone or computer. So, the helpful content can be stored not only on Insta but also on your favorite device.

Stories feature

I agree that Stories were more of a source of entertaining and sometimes “about nothing” content in the past. But in today’s business growth times, they are not to be underestimated.

Firstly, they are only available for 24 hours, making users more willing to refresh the feed again and see a Story before it disappears (so, it boosts engagement).

Secondly, it’s incredible and “sticky” content, which can contain all kinds of data related to your business (announcements, giveaways, contests, and any info that your audience urgently needs to see).

Influencers source

Influencers are popular and media personalities on the social network. They have a huge audience and are mainly engaged in the promotion, PR for a product or brand (and most often for a fee). The core thing is that they can promote your product, the brand only with a few Stories or posts.

IG is replete with influencers. The main thing is to find the right one for your brand. For example, if your product is eco-cosmetics, look not just for a beauty blogger but for someone who also positions eco-theme in his/her profile.

That way, you can increase your audience (or even your client base) at the expense of his/her audience.

Hashtags potency

We’ve already mentioned the flow and the vast amount of content. So how to make sure your post is found by people who might be noticed in your profile?

To get your post selected among other posts on the same topic, you need to add precisely the relevant hashtags to it. Finding the hottest, actual and relevant hashtags is your key to the viral post.

NB: there are also such hashtags as branded ones. They are created by an individual company or business to promote a specific product.

Again, it is a very effective way to grow product awareness, but branded hashtags won’t always work successfully (you need a trusted audience who will enthusiastically include the hashtag in their posts and Stories).

Insights feature

Insights is a brief but meaningful statistic of your account management. It is only available to business account holders.

Statistics are essential in any business. And studying social media statistics today is not so tough. If Insights data proposed by IG isn’t enough for you, you may use additional online tools that offer comprehensive statistics about your account, its “strengths and weaknesses”, detailed info about your audience and their activity, analysis of your posts, and their popularity. That way, you can take your business to a whole new level!


Instagram presents excellent opportunities as a starting point for business development or as an extension of it.

But, of course, sometimes it is not out of place to take advantage of additional tools that will only positively impact the development of both your account and yourself (from using an Instagram dm video saver to analytics tool).


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