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5 Tips to Prepare for an Office Holiday Party

Tip #1. Never Fail to Show Up

Ensure you attend your office’s holiday party if you have been invited. Failure to attend is likely to cast huge doubt on your professional attitude towards a team effort.

It also invites the uncomfortable feeling of being left out when all employees are making a joke about an incident that occurred at the party. Interacting with your coworkers at office parties will create the right rapport amongst you, enabling you to communicate better with each other during working hours.

Additionally, if you are a new employee, being there at your office’s holiday party is particularly important for you. The office holiday party provides the appropriate social set-up to bond with your work colleagues, including your boss. It is an opportunity to reveal your other positive attributes beyond what is required at the workplace.

Tip # 2: Wear the Right Clothing

If you are worried about what to wear for your organization’s holiday party, consult with your colleagues to get a feel of the appropriate dressing style and uniformity.

For instance, if you are required to put on an ugly costume, then you should show up with the ugliest holiday costume you can lay your hands on. Such is a great way to set off chitchats and interact with other party attendees. Bring along fun props like this awesome confetti cannon.

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Your type of dressing can easily set you apart from the rest of the group, leading to undercurrents that you lack the qualities to deliver in a team setting.

Confirm with your colleagues if you are required to dress formally. Dressing up in a funny costume when everyone is in a suit and ties is not amusing at all. One of the best ways to ensure your party attendance kicks off to a good start is dressing appropriately.

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Tip #3: Go Easy on Alcohol

Remember, office parties also need etiquette to ensure the party mood and the energy is transmitted in the right way. Plenty of office parties tend to offer alcohol to the revelers for free.

At first, it seems enticing but the result of drunkenness can be disastrous for everyone involved. Overindulgence in alcohol is a vice that has many gifted employees get punished. This is a very important tip – Do not drink too much!

Alcohol, at high levels, can cause you to forget respect for modalities and good manners and make you appear silly at least and dangerous in extreme cases. It can cause confrontations or bad and embarrassing behavior like dancing on the tables.

Avoid drinking too much and causing unwanted scenes at the office holiday party; you may lose your job or become the target of unending ridicule.

Tip #4: Avoid Engaging in Emotive Topics

Among other subjects, discussing office flings can be upsetting for many people, whether it is at work or during office holiday parties. It is best to steer clear of such sensitive conversations.

In most social environments including the workplace, people tend to interact more with their peers. Often, there is an established rapport where certain topics are up for discussion while others are not.

It is best to note the ideal conservations for your department only or between close colleagues and those suitable for a much larger group. Remember that all company employees will be in attendance and you may have to interact with people you do not talk with frequently.

Tip #5: Use the Party to Pitch for Career Elevation

If you have big goals to move up the company hierarchy and have seen little improvement, an office holiday party can be the perfect platform when used right. The office holiday party can be used well to network with strategic company bosses to go up the ladder much faster.

It is rare to reach and get an audience from the C-level people in your organization. However, an office holiday party can easily present that opportunity. For this reason, stay prepared in case the chance to connect with the right personnel comes up.

Provided you use etiquette to reach out to the people who can get you the promotion, you are on the right track.

When the opportunity presents itself, avoid being caught up in mundane conversations like unnecessary pleasantries or weather chats. Be keen to highlight your achievements for the company without stumbling over your words.

The goal is to present your strong professional qualities and practical ways they can be used to help the company.

You may need to dry run your pitch with a work colleague before the material day. Get as much feedback as possible to improve your articulation of the main points without appearing forceful.

Do not forget to be friendly throughout the conversation while asking the necessary questions and listening. You must show care and concern for the rest of the employees to avoid depicting a selfish demeanor.


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