Preserve Memories from Paper Photographs Forever with Photomyne

Time passes and in fact flies in most of the cases. We cannot bring back the time that has passed, but with photographs the memories can be brought back anytime and looking at an old photograph you feel like time travelling.

Well, that’s the case not only with our own photographs taken a few years back, but all those old photographs that your grandparents showed you in old albums.

Don’t you feel like being a part of those old times while looking at those photographs? Honestly, we all do!

Hundreds of millions of photographs have already been lost due to natural disasters, wars, and the age-old urge to clean house, and so every photograph that survived is special.

Whether you have some treasured family album or collecting old photographs is your hobby, preserving them rightly is important. Getting them digitized by a professional may cost a lot, so why not to do it yourself in minutes.

That’s how Photomyne will help you. It’s a smart app that you can have on you iPhone (sooner on Android too), and scan the whole album in minutes.

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Removing the hassle of scanning each image individually, it allows you to position the camera directly over your album pages or a few photos scattered on a table and start taking photos, one after the other and it’ll separate each image for you. Once, done, browse and share your memories to the world!

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Photomyne in Their Own Words:

Photomyne enables smartphone users to digitize photo albums in the quickest, safest, and most convenient way. Using a smartphone’s camera, Photomyne allows users to scan multiple photos in a single shot without taking them out of the album. In turn, it automatically recognizes the individual photos, crops, and enhances them to instantly create a beautiful digital photo album.

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Old photo albums and pictures hold our most precious memories and personal history. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to access, share and enjoy them the way we do with digital photos. Existing digitization services are expensive, time consuming and require physical delivery that can entail the risk of damage or loss.

What Brings Photomyne to the Spotlight:

Scan your old photo albums in minutes; Save your memories forever!

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