Prettiest 500; the New FaceMash!

If you’ve watched the movie, “The Social Network”, you must be familiar with, the website with which Mark Zuckerberg actually got his start. Though the site was taken down because of the privacy breach, it went viral and within few hours it attracted about 22 thousand hits back in 2003.

Well, if you have missed Facemach do check Prettiest 500 which is Facemash plus Instagram and enables visitors to vote for a face by comparing two pictures side-by-side and lets them choose one they find beautiful!

Contestants need to sign up, but voting doesn’t require registration or login. And since, a random contestant appears on every page load, the voting is very much fair and cannot be manipulated.

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For now, the ranking is global, however, the upcoming releases are expected to bring country wise ranking, which will make it more interesting and engaging for nationwide contests.

Beauty standards are not just about cosmetics or clothing; what makes someone truly attractive comes from the heart. This is what Prettiest 500 is based on. Let your heart speak through your votes!

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Prettiest 500 in Their Own Words:

Is the ideal beauty standard really what the entertainment media portrays? Cast your votes, let’s decide.

What Brings Prettiest 500 to the Spotlight:

Redefining the beauty standards!

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