PRIKK; the Commission Free Crowdfunding for All

Thanks to the concept of crowdfunding and the platforms allowing startups to raise quick capital. Now anyone with a good idea and some hustle can raise funds for their project, and hundreds and thousands of projects are being backed with pledges and donations already.

But, how much of the total raised capital actually goes into the project?

The crowdfunding platforms do keep something in their pocket either in the form of commission for the company and the credit card fees. The later discussed mainly goes to the credit card processor, but the commission that crowdfunding platforms charge you vary between 3%-15%. Additionally transaction fees between 2% to 5% may also apply. Altogether, it can go up to 20%, so if your project raised $5000, it will get something around $4000 only.

If you have a great idea that you want to get backed, do try PRIKK to finance your project; they won’t charge you anything and not your backer even. You pay the transaction-fee to the third party only.

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PRIKK knows that being a startup on tight budget, all that money should go to the project directly.

Well, whenever something is FREE, there’s always a question mark, i.e. how does it make money?

Don’t worry, PRIKK doesn’t have anything hidden, it is financed by advertisement and freemium-services, so be sure that they won’t take anything from your project!

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PRIKK in Their Own Words:

PRIKK elevates crowdfunding on a new level. No fees or commissions for the raised sums will be retained. Average fees are ranging in most crowdfunding platforms from 4% to 15%. In addition, 3% to 5% transaction-costs are added in many crowdfunding platforms. PRIKK takes 0% of the funded amount! Only transaction costs (bank) will be charged (3%, per 2015). All money goes into the project. No fees, no commissions, no MLM, no asking for donation or other hidden costs like initial-fees or set-up-fees are charged.

What Brings PRIKK to the Spotlight:

It’s FREE!

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